Did Passengers from Radiance of the Seas Cause The Grounding of A United Airlines Flight?

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Over the weekend, there were many news reports (here, here and here) about a United Airlines flight having to be deep cleaned “as a precaution” following a number of “passengers from a cruise” falling ill.

The flight from Vancouver, Canada (Friday, May 31st) to Houston, Texas, resulted in an unexpected detour for a thorough disinfection procedure.

Multiple passengers, who had recently disembarked from a cruise ship in Vancouver, reported feeling unwell during the flight.

The airline confirmed that 25 passengers on Flight 1528 experienced “waves of nausea and generally feeling unwell” and “flu-like” symptoms. According to the Houston Fire Department, these individuals were part of a larger group of 75 passengers who had all been on the same cruise vacation.

United Airlines Didn’t Name The Cruise Ship Involved

United Airline Boeing 737 Aircraft
United Airline Boeing 737 Aircraft

While United Airlines did not disclose the specific cruise line or itinerary involved, details about the flight itself were available. The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft carried a total of 163 passengers and six crew members.

The Houston Fire Department spokesperson, Martee Black, informed CNN that the passengers’ illness seemed to be connected to their recent cruise.

Upon arrival at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston shortly after 6:00 pm Central Time, medical personnel from the Houston Fire Department boarded the plane. Three passengers required evaluation but none were transported to a hospital for further treatment.

Deep Cleaning Was a “Precautionary Measure”

United Airlines released a statement emphasizing their commitment to passenger and crew wellbeing. “We are actively working with health officials to address this situation,” the statement said. “As a precautionary measure, the aircraft will undergo deep cleaning before returning to service.”

This incident highlights the potential health risks associated with close quarters and shared environments, such as cruise ships and airplanes.

While the specific cause of the passengers’ illness in this case remains unknown, the airline’s prompt action in removing the aircraft from service and undertaking a deep clean demonstrates their prioritization of passenger safety.

Were The Cruise Ship Passengers From Radiance of the Seas?

Radiance of the Seas
Radiance of the Seas

Although, no sources have named the cruise ship that the passengers came off, there is a possibility they may have arrived from the Radiance of the Seas, which returned to Vancouver after a seven day cruise from Seward, Alaska that same morning, and was the only cruise ship in port.

All the local first responders would say was that the passengers were ill “due to the cruise“.

Another Reminder To Never Ignore “Washy Washy”

“Washy Washy” Neil – A Royal Caribbean “Icon”

Incidents like these of cruise passengers feeling unwell reminds us that viruses like Covid and Norovirus are still around. Cruise ships have put in strict cleaning and hygeine protocols in place, to avoid such outbreaks.

Sadly many passengers still ignore the many hand sanitizing stations and even walk straight by the “Washy washy” staff requesting that they wash their hands before entering the ship’s buffet restaurant.

Don’t be that person!

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