Cruise Tips and Guides For New And Seasoned Cruisers

Cruise Tips and Guides

Welcome aboard, fellow cruise enthusiasts! If you’re as passionate about cruising as we are, then you’ve come to the right place for cruise tips! 

With over 30 years of cruising under our “life jackets”, we’re excited to share our treasure trove of cruise tips and guides with you. 

These little nuggets of wisdom will make your next voyage even more memorable. Even if you are a seasoned cruiser like us. 

Cruise Tips and Cruise Recommendations

In this section of our website, we’ll be focusing on general tips for cruisers that are relevant to all cruise vacationers, no matter your level of experience. Our aim is to make your ultimate cruise guide. 

If you’re looking for advice specific to a particular cruise line, or cruise recommendations, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here. This will give you details on the best cruise lines out there and tips and guides for sailing with them.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some general tips about cruises, then you are in the right place.

Tips for Planning a Cruise

When it comes to planning your cruise adventure, choosing the right cruise is a bit like picking a perfect slice of cake at a bakery. There’s a flavor for everyone, and there are so many options! 

You’ll want to think about things like your budget and destination. Then you have to think about how long you want to cruise for and what ship to choose. 

We’ll discuss how to look at all these issues and find the cruise that’s right for you.

Cruise Tips - Alan and Morag from

Packing For A Cruise

Ever wished you could pack your suitcase with the efficiency of a seasoned cruiser? Well, now you can! 

Our packing tips will help you streamline the process and make sure you have everything you need (and nothing you don’t) for your voyage. 

From the best cruise accessories, must-have essentials and clever space-saving hacks, we’ll help you pack like a pro in no time.

Cruise Tips Onboard 

Once you’re on the ship, you’ll find a whole world of things to do and places to explore. 

We’ll share our favorite cruise tips for making the most of your time on your cruise. From cruise door decorations, and the best entertainment, and to the most scrumptious dining options. Then we’ll tell you all about the amazing spa and beauty treatments right through to the crazy activities like zip-lining and rock climbing. 

We’ll also tell you all the little cruise gossip things you really should know. For example, did you know the shocking secret of the upside down pineapple?

We’ll also tell you how to navigate the ship like a pro. This way you can spend less time getting lost and more time enjoying your cruise.

Shore Excursion Tips for Your Cruise

The opportunity to explore places we have never been to and experience new cultures and languages is one of the key reasons we cruise so often. 

Our shore excursion tips and guides will help you make the most of your time in port. We’ll give you tips on how to choose the right shore excursions and maximize your time off the ship. 

You might even discover some hidden gems that are off the beaten track.

Cruise Tips for Shore Excursions - the stunning Pitons of St Lucia
The Stunning Pitons of St Lucia

Cruise Tips to Help You Relax

Cruising is, of course, all about fun and relaxation, but it’s essential to stay safe and healthy while you’re at sea. 

We’ll provide you with essential cruise tips on staying shipshape. From avoiding seasickness to protecting yourself from the sun. 

We’ll also tell you all you need to know about keeping your valuables secure, right through to maintaining good hygiene onboard. 

With all these tips from, you’ll be able to make the most of your cruise vacation without any worries.

Cruise Tips For Families

Cruising is a fantastic vacation option for families. It offers such a huge range of things to do and things to see, that no one will ever get bored! 

We’ll share our best cruise tips for families, including how to choose a family-friendly cruise line. We’ll also tell you what to pack for your little ones. And how to keep everyone entertained and engaged throughout your vacation. Even that long boring flight or car journey!

Cruise Tips for Solo Travellers and Couples

Whether you’re sailing solo or with your special someone, cruising is lots of fun. They are plenty of opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and making new friends. 

Our tips for solo travelers and couples will help you make the most of your cruise. From choosing the right stateroom to finding activities and events that suit you.

Tips on Cruise Etiquette

Being a courteous cruiser is an essential part of ensuring that everyone onboard has a fantastic time. 

We’ll share our cruise tips on the dos and don’ts of cruise etiquette. Like respecting your fellow passengers’ space. Or understanding the dress codes and cruise gratuity (tipping) protocols. 

With our guidance, you’ll be a model cruiser in no time!

Budget Cruise Tips

Cruising doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, the best cruise advice is always to cruise within your own budget limits. 

We’ll share our best cruise tips for budgeting and saving on your trip. We’ll show you how to snag early-bird discounts. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of onboard deals. We’ll even help you stretch your dollars while exploring ports of call. 

With our advice, you’ll be able to enjoy a fabulous cruise vacation without draining your wallet.

Environmental Cruise Tips

As passionate cruisers, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact of our travel choices. 

We’ll offer cruise tips on how to cruise more sustainably. From selecting eco-friendly cruise lines to reducing waste and conserving resources onboard. 

Together, we can help protect the beautiful destinations we visit. That way, we will preserve them for future generations of cruisers, like our Grandkids.

Welcome Aboard Cruise Lovers

So there you have it, fellow cruise enthusiasts! 

This section of our website gives you all the general cruise tips and guides you need. It will help make your next voyage a smashing success. 

Check back here regularly for new articles and updates. We are adding new tips all the time.  And don’t forget to check out our cruise line-specific tips for Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line and P & O Cruises.

Happy cruising!


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