Track Your Favorite Cruise Ship Location With The Cruise Ship Tracker

Want to know where your favorite cruise ship is? Or what ship is currently sailing alongside you on your cruise? Well with the Cruise Ship Tracker from our friends at, it’s easy.

How To Use The Live Cruise Ship Tracker and Map

By default, our cruise ship tracker shows the current tracked positions of all marine traffic. But if you want to filter it to show just Cruise Ships, click on the Vessel Filter icon ( it looks like a funnel – Second icon down, top left of the map ). Then tick the “Enable/Disable all ship types” so that no ship types are ticked. Then tick the option for “Passenger Vessels”. You can then close the Vessel Filter menu by clicking on the Left Facing Triangle on the top edge of the menu display.

Cruise Ship Tracker - Wonder of the Seas Tracking Info

To find out more about a particular ship shown on the cruise tracker map, simply click the ship’s icon and a window will appear showing the details of the ship.

You can also search for a specific cruise ship by using the search function. Click on the small eyeglass icon on the top left of the map display. Then simply either the full name of the ship you are looking or part of the ship’s name.

You can move the position on the map, using your mouse. Simply click on the map and drag it to the new location.

You can also zoom in or out of the map using the + and – icons on the top right of the map.

The map also has four different display options: Standard Map; Simple; Satellite; and Dark. You can select the type of map using the “Layers” icon (third icon down, top left).

Tracking cruise ships is fun, isn’t it!

Are there any missing features you would like to see in the Cruise Ship Tracker? Let us know by contacting us here and we will pass your comments on to the developers.