About Cruise Nonstop – Winner of “Best Emerging Cruise Blog 2023”

Cruise Nonstop was created by avid cruise travelers who were frustrated by the poor quality of advice that was being given to new and even experienced cruise travelers online.

Welcome to Cruise Nonstop! The website for cruise fanatics!

Why You Can Trust Cruise Nonstop for Your Cruise Travel Tips and Guides

Cruise Nonstop was founded by Alan Hutchison, Chief Editor at Cruise Nonstop. Working alongside Alan is his wife Morag who looks after the Cruise Nonstop writing team and the back office.

Although CruiseNonstop.com was launched relatively recently (May 2023), the website is already being recognized within the industry and was recently awarded the “Best Emerging Cruise Blog” in the 2023 Nautical Tourism Awards.

The website is currently one of the fastest-growing sites in the industry and is read by over 45,000 cruise enthusiasts a month.

Alan and Morag have been cruising together all round the World since they got married in 2007. Alan, however, is a real cruise veteran, having been cruising on the high seas since 1990 when he took his very first cruise on a ship called the Oceanic, which was part of The Big Red Boat cruise line, and interestingly was actually part of the evolution of Disney Cruise Line.

In fact, when they got married in 2007, their Honeymoon was on a cruise – on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas on a 10-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.

You might even spot them on your next cruise – Watch out for the Scotsman in the Kilt! Be sure to say Hi!

Together they have had the pleasure of cruising with almost all of the major cruise lines and have sailed on the smallest to the largest ships out there.

From that first cruise, Alan was hooked and he has now totally lost count of the number of cruises he has been on.

About Cruise Nonstop – Why This Website Was Started

On their most recent cruise, Alan and Morag traveled with four of their friends who were complete newbies to cruising, and it was at this point they realized that much of the information online about cruising was, to say the least, a bit misleading. Their friends had so many incorrect preconceptions and ideas on what to bring and what to buy – the bottom line is they spent a lot of money they didn’t need to!

So, this is why this website is here – to ultimately give you the best advice, based on actual personal experience and save you some money in the process!

A few things to know upfront: None of our team claim to have worked in the Cruise Industry, BUT they do have direct personal experiences of being cruise travelers, and either separately or together have cruised at least once or twice every year since 1990 (with a couple of years missed for Covid obviously).

About Alan – Chief Editor and Writer

Our Chief Editor, Alan, is an experienced writer and publisher having published and edited magazines, written daily columns for national newspapers, as well as numerous website publications.

Alan has cruised with almost every major cruise line and has been cruising at least once or twice a year since 1990. He is also an award-winning professional photographer and has won numerous International awards for his photography.

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About Morag – Writer and Office Manager

Working behind the scenes is Morag, a former Project Manager in the Finance Industry so she has meticulous attention to detail. Since her first cruise on her honeymoon with Alan in 2007, Morag has been smitten with the cruise travel bug. She is also an amazing cook and a total foodie – so watch out for her in-depth ship food reviews!

Assisting Alan and Morag are a small team of travel writers who are also avid cruisers and they will give you their own perspective on their cruise adventures.

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About Cruise Nonstop – What To Expect On This Site

On this site, you will find lots of cruise tips and reviews based on our team’s personal experience over these past 30+ years of cruising. If Cruise Nonstop publishes any information about a specific ship that we have not personally been on, that article will have been “crowd-sourced” from multiple reviews and sources and will have been checked for accuracy.

Our team won’t be biased in our reviews – if something’s wrong with a particular cruise line or ship, they will tell you, no holds barred – you have our promise!

The mission of this site is to create valuable and accurate content that we could never find online before and to help other cruisers save money.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy creating it.

Are You Ready To Start Planning your Next Cruise?

Well if you have got this far you too are clearly looking for more tips and advice on the best things cruising or even to save some money on your next cruise vacation.

Well, the good news is that we have prepared a LOT of content that will help you do just that:-

We hope you enjoy the content that we have worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

Also, if you have cruised recently, we’d love to hear your own cruise reviews and we’d be delighted if you could share some of your photos with us (which we will always credit you for!).

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