Alan Hutchison

Chief Editor and Writer
Cruise Industry


  • Chief Editor at, a seasoned writer, and professional photographer with over 25 years of experience in publishing.
  • Diploma in Business Management, and holds an Associateship in Photography.
  • Has written for many publications in the past including regular contributions to The Herald Newspaper in Scotland, and Professional Photo Magazine.
  • He has also provided guest articles for many other Travel industry sites.


Alan brings to his readers a wealth of knowledge accumulated from over three decades of experience in the Cruise Travel Industry.

As a keen cruiser since the 1990s, Alan has great insights into what both first-time and experienced cruisers need to make their travel plans successful.

Alan combines his writing talent with his impressive photography skills to create engaging content for

He applies his unique perspective in his writing process, prioritizing the reader's needs and delivering information in a manner that's easily accessible and immediately helpful.


Alan's industry experience, education, and qualifications are a testament to his skills and expertise.

Outside of his travel writing, Also also holds over five different international Photographer of the Year awards.

When not working at Cruise Nonstop, Alan enjoys traveling with his wife Morag, golf, photography, and website development. He also dabbles in computer coding, harkening back to his early days in the IT industry.

Interestingly Alan is also a member of Mensa, the society for individuals with a high IQ. Alan's IQ was formally measured at 157, but he claims he was having a bad day that day ;-)

Alan's impressive qualifications, rich travel experience, and reader-focused approach make him a trusted authority in the Cruise Travel Industry.

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