Carnival Pride Ship Tour (following The 2023 Dry Dock)

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Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Pride Ship recently had a Dry Dock maintenance period in June 2023. Fortunately, we were booked on the second cruise after that dry dock period so we were able to produce this Carnival Pride Ship Tour video to allow you to see how the ship now looks following its refurbishment. 

Carnival Pride Ship Tour Video

Are you planning or have booked a cruise on Carnival Pride? Well, our Carnival Pride Ship Tour video will give you a full bang-up-to-date overview and a full walkthrough of the ship following its dry dock maintenance period in June 2023.

My name is Alan from and I’ll be your host for this Carnival Pride full tour from the top of the ship all the way to the bottom.

This Carnival Pride ship tour video was filmed during our cruise on Carnival between the 9th and the 18th of June 2023 on a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords.  This was Carnival Pride’s second cruise following its dry dock period.

You can watch the video here or head over to our YouTube Channel.

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Carnival Pride Ship Tour Video Transcript

Here is a full transcript of the video:-


Hey Cruise Fans, It’s Alan here from Cruise Nonstop and today we are doing a full ship tour of the Carnival Pride after its month-long Dry Dock upgrade in 2023.

This video was shot on just the second cruise right after that maintenance period so everything you’ll see here is bang up to date.

So if you are planning a cruise on Carnival Pride or thinking about booking one, then this video will tell you everything you need to know about the ship’s layout and what to expect when you get on board.

So Welcome board and let’s get started.

Carnival Pride Ship Overview

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - Carnival Pride Docked in Molde, Norway 2023
Carnival Pride with its new Blue Red and White Livery Following Dry Dock

First of all, let’s quickly talk about the ship itself. Carnival Pride was launched back in 2002 and has a Gross Tonnage of 88,500 tonnes, it houses up to 2680 passengers and has a crew of 910.

It’s a Carnival Cruise Line Spirit-class ship which basically means it’s one of the smaller ships in Carnival’s fleet, but don’t let that put you off as it has a lot to offer. 

For this ship tour, I am going to start at the very top of the ship and work down. But what I love about this ship is its quirky layout where it has entertainment at the top of the ship and at the bottom – as you’ll find out.

Carnival Pride Deck 12 – The Sky Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - Sky Deck 12 - Carnival Waterworks
Carnival Pride Sky Deck

So up on Deck 12 you’ll find the Kids’ favorite spot the “Carnival Waterworks” with its thrilling waterslides. These are specially for the kids and young at heart. There are two slides one of which extends over the side of the ship. I do hope they put new bolts in that slide during the dry dock period LOL

There is not much else to see on Desk 12 as it is quite small to let’s head down to Deck 11 – The Sports Deck.

Carnival Pride Deck 11 – The Sports Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour Sports Deck
Carnival Pride Sport Deck

The sports deck is located at the forward end of the ship. Here you will find the usual basketball court which also doubles for other activities including my favorite which is Pickleball. Located around the outside of this deck is the mini-golf course

There is a very cool see-through lift to take you down to deck 10 which is the Sun Deck.

Carnival Pride Deck 10 – The Sun Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - The Sun Deck
Carnival Pride Sun Deck

If you are looking for a quiet spot to sunbathe there is lots of space up here and I’m sure you can find a spot looking over the main Lido pool. This is also the favorite deck for joggers and walkers. You can walk all the way around the deck and 3 and a half laps equals 1 mile. At the front of the deck, you can see the glass windows which look out from the Cloud 9 spa and fitness centre.

The Fitness center is on two levels and has great views out to sea. As you can see there is lots of gym equipment available and space to work out. The equipment looks very modern so it looks like the Fitness centre benefited from the dry dock period. From previous videos I have seen, it looks like the Cloud 9 Spa and Salon areas have also had a makeover. 

Moving back to the rear of Deck 10 you’ll find the newly rebranded Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse. This was previously called David’s Steakhouse and has been rebranded during dry dock.

Outside the steakhouse, you’ll find the glass see-through steps which are at the very top of the Atrium. From here you can see all the way down to deck 2. 

Carnival Pride Deck 9 – The Lido Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - Deck 10 The Sun Deck
Carnival Pride Lido Deck

The glass stairs go down one level to Deck 9 the Lido Deck and take you straight into the Mermaid’s Grille Buffet Dining Area. This is a huge area which is around a third of the length of the ship. 

There are lots of choices of food available here and only once did we find any problem finding seating. Food is served here from early in the morning until late at night. As well as standard buffet items there are places where you can get food items cooked to order, including these amazing hot sandwiches.

There is also a Pizza Grill here where they will make almost any kind of pizza for you. This was open until 4 in the morning. 

As well as the buffet areas there was also the Seafood corner which offers delicious fish and seafood for a small additional charge.

Let’s jump back to the front of Deck 9 as I want to show you Carnival Pride’s swimming pool areas from the front of the ship to the back. First up is the Apollo forward pool areas. This was a relatively quiet area with nice seating on either side of the pool.

Walking to the rear of the ship takes you into the main pool area. You pass the first of the two pool bars – the Blue Iguana

This is the Venus pool and it features a sliding roof that can be used for colder itineraries. On windy sea days, the roof made a huge difference to the temperatures. 

This is also where you’ll find the giant cinema screen for late-night movies.  This is also the spot where any daytime or evening pool entertainment is held, so it can get quite noisy here.

Opposite the Blue Iguana Bar is the Red Frog Rum Bar. This is not to be confused with the Red Frog pub which is down on deck 2. 

Just to the left of the movie screen, you will find my favorite eating spot on the ship, Guy’s Burgers Joint.

Here you’ll find the main man himself explaining how he makes those delicious burgers. Easily the best burgers I’ve had on any cruise ship.

If Mexican food is more your scene you’ll find the the Blue Iguana Cantina directly opposite Guys burger joint. 

Now if you head back all the way through the Mermaid Grille you will come to my favorite pool on the ship. This is the Serenity Pool and is the adults-only area.

It’s actually a really great spot at the beginning of the cruise as it’s kind of tucked away and it’s a few days before most folks find it. 

As the cruise goes on though it does become very popular, so it can be hard to find a spot here. 

There are upgraded loungers and really nice pods to shelter you from the sun or wind. 

This was a really great spot to get the last heat of the sun, or when leaving port.

The serenity pool also has its own bar. It’s also one of the quickest bars to get served at on the whole ship.

Carnival Pride Decks 4,5,6,7,8 – Cabin Decks

Now I did say earlier that this ship had a rather quirky layout. And that’s because the interior entertainment decks are all the way down at the bottom of the ship on decks 2 and 3. Everything else in between is just cabin decks

Carnival Pride Deck 3 – The Atlantic Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - The Taj Mahal Theatre
Carnival Pride – The Taj Mahal Theatre on Deck 3

So let’s take the atrium elevator all the way down to Deck 3 – the Atlantic Deck

At the front of Deck 3 is the Taj Mahal Theatre. This is where every night you’ll find a featured show from either the ship’s own theatre staff, the fun crew,  or a guest performer.

On either side of the Taj Mahal Theatre, you will find another hidden gem on the ship – the interior promenade that is known as the Sunset Garden. This is a great spot to relax and unwind. 

Moving towards the back of the ship you’ll walk through the rather grandly named Via Veneto Upper Promenade which leads to the Ivory Piano Bar. This is a very lively spot at night.

Next door is the Warehouse. This is where you will probably find your kids if they have gone missing. The warehouse is the ship’s arcade and it was well-stocked with some of the latest arcade games.

Back out into the interior promenade and you’ll come to ship’s Via Venetto shopping mall. Here you’ll find everything from designer watches, jewelry, and perfumes to alcohol, clothing, and candy. 

The ship claims that you won’t be able to match their prices onshore. The stores are very nicely laid out and well-stocked. 

Let’s now walk through to the central atrium area, this is where you will find the Pixel Photo Gallery. This looks down into the central lobby and the Atrium Bar.

Keep walking and you’ll pass the photography store and also the new private photography studio that was added in dry dock. This leads you into the Raphael Lounge Bar Area.  

Next, you’ll reach the upper level of the Main Dining Room, the Normandie Restaurant.  The restaurant is spread over two levels. We found the design a bit dark compared to other ships.

Of course, Deck 3 is called the Atlantic deck for a reason – it has an outside promenade. You can walk all the way around the back of the ship here.

Carnival Pride Deck 2 – The Promenade Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - Deck 2 The Normandie Reastaurant
Carnival Pride Normandie Restaurant on Deck 2

So let’s head down to deck 2 and take a closer look at the main dining room. As I mentioned before, if you are not in the central section it can be quite dark. I did like how the waiters’ service stations were all in one side section. We had a great table right at the aft of the ship with a great view leaving port every evening.

So continuing our tour of deck 2, as you walk out of the main dining room, watch out for the Beauties Nightclub on your left. This was redesigned during dry dock. It used to cover two levels now it’s just one.

Opposite the nightclub is the Captain’s Dining Club Annex.

Next, we have the amazing Alchemy Bar. There is almost always some live entertainment on here. The Alchemy is one of the most popular bars on the ship as they make some of the most amazing martini cocktails found at sea.

Now let’s head along to the Central Atrium. Here you’ll find the Atrium bar which was always very busy. Just like the Alchemy bar, there is entertainment here regularly. They have a very cool stage directly behind the bartenders, so it can be a great place to sit. 

You can also get a good view of the atrium here. Again I found it very dark compared to other ships I’ve been on.

This is also where you will find guest services and the shore excursions desk. 

Next up if you fancy some sushi, you’ll find the Bonsai Sushi restaurant. there is an extra charge if you want to dine here as it is one of the ship’s specialty restaurants. 

Then we come to the Casino. It’s a very large casino, so for some reason, people tend get lost in here and never seem to find their way out. I wonder why that is? The Casino bar was removed during the dry dock refurbishment, but you can still get bar service here.

Just outside the Casino there is a small Internet Cafe on the left.

Next, you’ll find the newly rebranded Heroes Tribute bar which was renamed and refurbished during dry dock. 

This is a sports-type bar but is also set up to recognise our veterans which was really nicely done.

Next door is the Red Frog Pub. This bar has been designed to resemble a typical British-style pub. They had great entertainment on here every evening until the late hours.

Outside is the Piazza Cafe where you can order some coffee or some delicious cakes and pastries

There is also a nice seating area out here if you found the pub entertainment too loud. 

In this area, you will also find the brand-new Carnival Adventures store where you can buy all sorts of Carnival-branded goodies. 

Carnival Pride Deck 1 – The Riviera Deck

Carnival Pride Ship Tour - Butterflies Lounge on Deck 1
Carnival Pride Butterflies Lounge / Comedy Club on Deck 1

Last but not least it’s downstairs to the Butterflies lounge on Deck one. This is where you’ll find the comedy club hosted here most evenings. 

Well, that’s it, folks. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the newly refurbished Carnival Pride. Despite finding the design dark in some places, we did really enjoy the ship and the crew were fantastic.

Carnival Pride Review

We loved the quirkiness of the deck plan layout as it was so different from other ships we’d been on.

So if you are thinking about booking the Pride, I hope this has helped confirm that decision. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve been on the Pride, please do let me know in the comments and let me know what your favorite part of the ship was. 

I do hope you found this Carnival Pride Ship tour video helpful and if you did please make sure you hit the like button on the video and please subscribe to the Cruise Nonstop YouTube channel.

That way YouTube lets you know anytime we have a brand new video to share.

Thanks again for watching – This has been Alan from Cruise – Bon Voyage and we’ll see you soon.

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