Are These The Ultimate Must-Have Cruise Accessories? A Review of the Sailpak Ultimate Cruise Essentials Kit

By Alan
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Cruising offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. But, as seasoned travelers know, the right gear can significantly enhance your vacation, especially for first-time cruisers. That’s where Sailpak cruise accessories come into play.

Ever been on a cruise and thought, “I wish I had some extra hanging space in my cabin”? Or maybe you’ve struggled to keep your beach towel in place on a windy deck and thought, “Those beach towel clips would’ve been so handy!”

We’ve all been there. From magnetic hooks to keep your hats and bags organized, to that trusty travel fan for those warm Caribbean nights, the right accessories can reduce your stress levels and elevate your cruise experience from great to unforgettable.

Cruise Accessories: The Packing List Must-Haves for Every Cruiser

Now, if you’ve been looking through our site, you’ll already be aware we have told you about a lot of the cruise gadgets you can bring on a cruise.

You can find lots of amazing cruise accessories for your next trip on sites like Amazon. But I am sure some of you might be thinking, “Are the cruise gadgets and accessories really worth it?”

That’s a fair question. And that’s precisely why we’re looking at a company called “Sailpak – a brand that’s been making waves (pun intended!) in the cruise accessories market.

About SailPak

Sailpak Website Screenshot Website Screenshot

The story behind the birth of Sailpak is quite interesting. Sailpak was born out of a cruiser’s passion. The company was founded in 2019 by Edward Williams III, a cruise veteran with over 110 cruises under his belt (impressive, right?). Sailpak was his answer to the lackluster cruise items he found online.

Edward’s vision was clear: to create high-quality cruising accessories that truly cater to the needs of cruisers. And while the company took a brief hiatus during the Covid pandemic (like most of the world), they’re back and better than ever, set to break all their previous records.

What makes Sailpak’s Cruise Travel Products Different from Other Cruise Essentials?

So, why are we so hyped about Sailpak? Well, for starters, their products aren’t just random items slapped with a ‘cruise essential’ tag. They’re thoughtfully designed by someone who clearly knows cruising inside out.

We’re talking about essentials like cruise lanyards that are both stylish and functional, and even a waterproof phone case that ensures your phone stays dry during those fun beach excursions.

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at Sailpak’s Ultimate Cruise Essentials Kit.  This is a comprehensive starter kit that includes all of their most popular items from their shark band beach towel clips to their innovative Dri-Pak Waterproof backpack.

We’ll break down what makes these products tick, why they’re a must-have for every cruiser, and how they stack up against other products in the market.

But before we dive in, here’s a quick checklist of some cruise essentials to keep in mind when thinking your cruise packing list:

  • Organization Hacks: Magnetic hooks, door organizers, and lanyards.
  • Comfort Essentials: Travel fans, waterproof bags, and lightweight backpacks.
  • Safety First: Waterproof backpacks, secure Seapass and Sail & Sign card storage and waterproof phone cases.
  • Motion Sickness Solutions: Patches, bands, and more.

Ready to set sail on this review journey? Let’s dive right in!

A Comprehensive Review of The SailPak Ultimate Kit

The Sailpak Ultimate is a collection of Sailpak’s most popular products. It’s clearly designed as the “ultimate cruise essentials starter kit” as it includes most of the items you might consider when planning a cruise.

As well as being a convenient bundle of products, the kit also saves you money. At the time of writing, we worked out that buying the kit, rather than the items individually would have saved us 33% (or around $84).

Our review process

Alan at his favorite place on the ship
Your’s Truly at my favorite place on the ship

If you are a regular reader of Cruise Nonstop, you will know that I am no stranger to cruising. I’ve been cruising for over 30 years on multiple cruise lines.

In that time I’ve been in cramped inside staterooms to the most spacious of cruise ship staterooms like Owner’s suites. I’ve been on multiple shore excursions and multiple climates from the Arctic Circle to the Tropics. As a result, I have a good idea of what to bring along on a cruise.

So to ensure you get the best value for your buck, I’ve looked at all of these items individually and will give them a score based on what I like to call the “Savvy Cruiser Test”:

  • Is it useful? Do I really have a need for this?
  • Is it robust? Can it be easily broken?
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? Does it serve its function and do what it’s meant to do?
  • Would I buy it? The Acid test. If I don’t already own this, would I buy it?

Now. unlike a lot of reviews you’ll find on the web for cruise accessories, this is a real review of real products. I’ve physically tested these products (quite rigorously as you’ll find), and unless I mention otherwise, all the photos you see have been taken by us.

What Cruise Essentials Are Included In The Sailpak Ultimate Kit

The Sailpak Ultimate Kit includes 11 different cruise essential products from Sailpak’s product list:-

  • Sailpak Dri-Pak – A waterproof backpack
  • Sailpak Perfect Tote – A large beach or poolside tote bag
  • Shark Bands (2 included) – Elasticated bands that act as an alternative to Pool Towel Chair clips
  • Gorilla Hooks (Set of 4) – Magnetic Hooks to help with cruise stateroom storage
  • Smartlight – A magnetic popup motion activated nightlight
  • Pop Up Hamper – a pop-up laundry basket, perfect for keeping your cruise ship cabin tidy
  • Large Cotton Laundry Bag – a handy way to separate your dirty laundry when packing to go home
  • “World’s Best” Cruising Lanyards (2 included) – Ideal for carrying your cruise Seapass / Sign & Sail Card
  • The Original Cruise Pals (2 included) – A Seapass cruise card and phone holder all in one
  • Waterproof Universal Phone Case ( 2 included) – One of the best ways to keep your phone safe when at the beach or pool
  • Tagsavers (Set of 4) – Luggage Tag Holders and Protectors

This kit is designed for 2 cruisers. The company also offers a 4 cruiser kit which doubles up on the quantities with the exception of the Sailpak Dri-Pack and the Perfect Tote.

SailPak Ultimate Cruise Essentials – Ordering Process Packaging and Delivery

Sailpak Ultimate Package arrives
The Sailpak Package arrived very quickly

Sailpak operates its website on the Shopify e-commerce platform. this is one of the most popular e-commerce website platforms out there, so the operation of their website will be familiar to many.

One of the things that instantly impressed me was that the company shows any current promo code offers at the very top of their page. So you don’t need to worry about looking for promo or discount codes. If Sailpak have a promo code that is publicly available they will tell you.

The site uses the standard shopping cart and Checkout style operation and shipping is calculated during checkout.

Sailpak is based in the United States and for anyone ordering from the US, they offer various shipping options including Free delivery and expedited options.

For the Sailpak Ultimate Kit, delivery options to the USA are Free via USPS or $7.95 for faster delivery via UPS.

Shipping costs Internationally are obviously a little bit higher, but still reasonable. For example, UK based cruisers would pay $29.95 (£24) for Express Shipping via UPS, which I think is very reasonable, considering the amount of items being shipped.

Our package arrived earlier than we expected, and was very securely packaged.

When it arrived my wife Morag described it as “A Christmas Hamper for Cruisers” as the box was jam-packed with products.

So how do the individual products stack up? And do they pass the “Savvy Cruiser Test”?

Let’s start with the smaller products and we’ll finish off with the two core products, the Dri-Pak Backpack and the Sailpak Tote Bag.

SailPak “Tagsavers” Luggage Tags Review

Cruise Accessories - Sailpak Tag Savers Luggage Tags
Sailpak “Tagsavers” Cruise Luggage Tag Holders

I have started with these for a very good reason. If there is one cruise essential you need to consider bringing, it is proper cruise luggage tag holders.

Many cruise lines now ask you to print your luggage tags at home on paper. They then ask you to fold them a certain way and then attach them to your luggage when you arrive at the cruise port by looping the tag around your handle and closing the loop using sellotape or a staple.

Trust me, when I say this. If you do that, it is only a matter of time until you have luggage go astray!

I have seen so many fellow cruisers have their luggage either delayed or lost, due to paper tags falling off the cruise luggage between being dropped off at the cruise terminal and the cruise ship as they are so flimsy.

The answer to this is Cruise Luggage Tag Holder. These products all consist of the same thing – a plastic see-through pouch to hold the paper luggage tags and a locking wire loop that attaches the pouch to your luggage. The locking wire is basically a length of wire with a sometimes fiddly screw locking mechanism at either end.

Sailpak brand theirs as “Tagsavers” and at first glance they looked very similar to all the others on the marketplace.

But a couple of things struck me right away when I compared Sailpak’s Tagsavers to the cheaper Amazon-purchased ones that I already owned.

The plastic material that holds the paper luggage tag in place seemed thicker, more durable and much more flexible. The cable that you use to lock the tags to the luggage was much more flexible as well, and they were nicely coated in a plastic sleeve, so didn’t hurt my fingers when attaching them.

Most importantly, I always found my Amazon luggage tags to be difficult to attach. Bending the cable round in a loop to the right angle to get the threaded pieces to align always seems very fiddly.

The more flexible Sailpak Tagsaver cables were much easier to use and attach. So top marks from me all round and I would give them a 5 star rating.

Sailpak Tagsavers Review Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES

SailPak “Gorilla Hooks” Magnetic Hooks Review

Sailpak Gorilla Hooks Cruise Accessories

Now next on my list of cruise essentials that everyone should be sure to bring on board for a cruise is magnetic hooks.

If you’ve cruised before you’ll know that storage space in a cabin is at an absolute premium and these little things can make such a difference. Cruise cabin walls are metal, so these are an easy way to add extra storage. in a small cruise cabin.

Magnetic Hooks for cruise staterooms are not a new idea, and just like the luggage tags you’ll find lots of options on Amazon.

Magnet shown beside iPhone 13 pro for size comparison
Magnet shown beside iPhone 13 pro for size comparison

So what separated Sailpak’s magnet from the rest of the market. Well to be honest I couldn’t see much. They look like almost every other magnetic hook out there.

They are strong however, and have a strength rating of 40lbs pulling force which is pretty good.  But just like 95% of the market, the hook itself is quite small.

Just like all these hooks, they have their maximum strength when attached to the cabin ceiling.

The magnetic hooks are stong enough to hold the full tote bag and a metal stool!
The magnetic hooks are stong enough to hold the full tote bag and a metal stool!

I gave it a similar test and attached the hook to the ceiling of my photography studio and was able to hang Sailpak’s tote bag full of all their products without any problem.  I was even able to hang my metal stool that I use and it’s not the lightest as it holds my considerable weight LOL.

In summary, as a standalone product, it wouldn’t knock our number-one-rated magnetic hook off its perch, but it’s still a good product that gets a 4 out of 5 rating from me.

SailPak Gorilla Hooks Review Verdict: 4/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES but the hook size could be larger

SailPak  “World’s Best” Cruising Lanyards Review

Sailpak’s “World’s Best” Lanyard shown with the Cruisepal Card Holder

Next up on my list of things every cruiser should be sure to pack is a decent lanyard to hold your cruise Seapass /  Sail & Sign card.  Having your card conveniently hanging around your neck means that you never lose it, or leave it in the pocket of your shorts that you were wearing earlier.

Like most lanyards it can be attached to your account card via a punched hole in the card (like Carnival’s) or the card can be slipped into a clear plastic pouch (which comes with the lanyard).

Be careful punching holes in some cruise line cards as you can damage the RFID chip which is inside many of them nowadays. Carnival Cruise Line supplies their’s pre-punched for that very reason.

By supplying the plastic pouch alongside the lanyard, Sailpak have ensured that their product is compatible with every cruise key card on the market.

Sailpak describes this is as the “World’s Best” cruising lanyard. But is it? Well it’s made of really nice soft material, but what elevates it is its safety and convenience features.

Safety is what stand out here. The product has a safety-release clip which will separate when two pounds of pressure is applied to the lanyard. So if your lanyard was to get caught in some pool equipment or snagged on a door handle, it would safely detach itself and avoid any injury.

I had a quick glance at the long list of lanyards on Amazon and I could not see that feature on any product in the first 3 pages on Amazon.

The quick-release mechanism on the Sailpak Lanyard Cruise Accessory
The quick-release mechanism on the Sailpak Lanyard Cruise Accessory

The next great feature of this lanyard is the quick-release mechanism to hand over your card. You no longer have to take the lanyard off to hand it to the bartender, or fiddle with the hole clip. Much easier

So is this the World’s Best cruising lanyard? Well, it certainly is close to it and if you combine it with their CruisePal product, I think it almost definitely is. 5/5 again.

SailPak “World’s Best” Cruising Lanyards Review Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES
Our Top Lanyard Pick for Safety and Convenience

SailPak “CruisePal” Phone and Keycard Holder Review

Sailpak Cruisepal Cruise Card and Phone Holder - shown with standard lanyard
Sailpak Cruisepal Cruise Card and Phone Holder – shown with standard lanyard

Now, I must, at first, admit to being a little confused by this product. Sailpak describes it as an innovative way to carry your phone and key card around in one handy unit. But how? They don’t show any photo examples on their site of it holding a phone.

Fortunately, as soon as I got the product in my hands, I could see how it works. The unit has the card holder in the center with 4 stretchable loops at each corner. These loops hook onto the corners of your phone and holds it perfectly.

Sailpak Cruisepal Card and Phone holder Cruise Accessory
Sailpak Cruisepal Card and Phone holder Cruise Accessory – Shown with Phone

The cardholder is able to hold up to three cards, so I was a little concerned that if I only had one card in it, it might fall out easily.

Fortunately, it didn’t and as you can see in the video, I had to vigorously shake it to get the card to fall out.

We Do A Shake Test On The CruisePal To How Easy It Is For Cards To Fall Out

The CruisePal card and phone holder comes with its own adjustable neck strap/lanyard, but combining it with the Sailpak lanyard makes this the perfect product.

Another 5 out of 5 product.

SailPak CruisePal Review Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES but they could show examples of it holding a phone on their website
  • Would I buy it? YES

SailPak 100% Waterproof Phone Case Review

Sailpak Waterproof Phone Case
Sailpak Waterproof Phone Case

While we are on the subject of mobile phones, let’s take a look at the waterproof case that Sailpak includes in their kit.

This case can be used separately or combined with their lanyard and Cruisepal keycard holder.

I don’t normally use one of these, as I had a disaster with a so-called waterproof case many years ago, which put me off them. So when I took this out of the packaging and read how the lock works, I was a little dubious.

So I tested it. What’s the most water-absorbent product out there? – Kitchen paper towels!

Testing the Sailpak Waterproof Phonecase

I grabbed a piece of paper towel, and stuck it inside the phone holder alongside one of the magnets just to give it some weight. I then sat it in a bowl of water for an hour.

When I took the phone holder out of the water I was sure some water would have got inside the unit. I was totally wrong. As you can see in the video, the paper towel was bone dry.

I’m now a convert and will be taking this with me to keep my phone secure when cruising in the Caribbean next month. Yet another 5 out of 5 score.

SailPak 100% Waterproof Phone Case Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES

SailPak “Shark Band” Towel Bands Review

Sailpak Shark Band Pool Towel Chair Clip / Holder
Sailpak Shark Band Pool Towel Chair Clip / Holder

One thing you will quickly learn when cruising is that sea days are breezy. While it may have been a flat calm day in port, as soon as you get out to see that wind whips up.

The reason of course is due to the ship moving. If the ship is sailing at 25 knots, then suddenly you have a 25-knot wind to contend with.

Watching people around the pool deck, you’ll see pool towels flying around, flipping up and hitting you in the face, or worse still blowing off into the pool LOL.

Sailpak Shark Band shown holding towel in place
Sailpak Shark Band shown holding towel in place

Pool towel chair clips are supposedly the answer. But if you are anything like me, you’ll find most of the plastic clips available are either too small, not strong enough, won’t fit around the lounger frame, or break easily.

This is where Sailpak’s “Shark Bands” come in. Such a simple idea. A loop of elastic material that looks a little like a large rubber headband. Just stretch it around the frame of your sun lounger or chair and it holds the towel in place. Simple.

SailPak Shark Band Towel Clips Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES

SailPak Cruise Ship Approved LED Smart Light Gadget Review

Sailpak LED Nighlight Cruise Accessory
Sailpak LED Nightlight Cruise Accessory

Let’s look at the product in Sailpak’s Ultimate Kit that relate to the stateroom. This is the “cruise ship approved” LED smart light and this is the first of Sailpak’s products that I was a little disappointed in.

The product is about 4 inches in diameter and acts as a motion sensor nightlight. It can also be switched manually on.

I thought this would be ideal for an interior cabin especially. We cruise a lot, and to ensure we get maximum value for our budget we typically book an inside cabin.  Once the lights are out those cabins are pitch dark with only a faint glow creeping in under the main door from the hallway.

To get around having to stumble to the toilet at night, we always leave the shower room light on and the door ajar slightly. But this is not without its problems as then the fan in the shower is running all night.

So this seems the ideal solution. It’s lightweight, it’s rechargeable and it’s magnetic. Sounds great.

But it seems very flimsy and cheaply made. As part of the Sailpak Ultimate kit, it’s fine as a “nice to have”, but I wouldn’t be buying this item on its own. 3 out of 5 from me.

SailPak Cruise Ship Approved LED Smart Light Verdict: 3/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Is it robust? No, very flimsy and cheaply made.
  • Would I buy it? Not as a separate item

SailPak Compact Pop Up Cruise Cabin Laundry Hamper Review

Sailpak Popup Laundry Basket / Hamper
Sailpak Popup Laundry Basket / Hamper

Now this is handy! When cruising we always end up throwing our dirty laundry into plastic or paper bags in the wardrobe and eventually, the bags get in the way and the laundry falls out everywhere.

This item starts off as a very compact circular product 6 inches across, held in place by an elasticated fabric band that is part of the product. Release the band and it pops open to form a little laundry basket that is 19 inches tall and 10 inches square.

The pop up laundry basket can be sat in the bottom of a wardrobe, in the corner of the stateroom or shower room. It can even be suspended from the ceiling in a corner using one of the magnetic hooks.

A great little product. But. It comes with instructions for opening. But not for closing. Fortunately being a professional photographer, I am used to this pop-up style mechanism which is used in a lot of studio lighting products.

Basically, you have to fold the sides of the unit in on each other. Then grab the opposite ends and twist them against each other to collapse it into a circle. It’s easier to demonstrate than to explain LOL

A great product only “hampered” (get it) by the difficulty some might have folding it away.

SailPak Compact Pop Up Hamper Verdict: 4.5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES

SailPak Laundry Bag Review

Sailpak Laundry Bag
Sailpak Laundry Bag

Okay, I have to admit to being a little less excited about this one. It’s a cloth bag. Sure it’s a decent size, but how can you get excited by a cloth bag?

The idea behind this is that you have something to separate your dirty washing into when you are packing to head home. Okay, that makes sense.

SailPak Laundry Bag Verdict: 4/5

  • Is it useful? Yes, but not as useful as the other products
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? Yes
  • Is it robust? Yes
  • Would I buy it? As an individual product, no, but it’s a nice-to-have in the set

SailPak “The Perfect Tote” Review

Sailpak Perfect Tote Cruise Accessory on Sun Lounger
Sailpak Perfect Tote Bag

Now let’s turn our attention to the two main items in the Sailpak Ultimate Kit – The Tote bag and the waterproof backpack.

Salpak calls this “The Perfect Tote” and on first impressions, you can see why. It’s very nicely put together, is a great size, and looks the part. Morag loved this right away and she said the same thing – “This would be perfect for the pool or the beach”.

The tote bag measures 18″ x 14″ x 6″ ( 46cm x 36cm x 15cm). At each end of the bag are two handy little pockets where you can throw in a bottle of lotion or water. The inside of the bag is lined with a black washable/wipable material, making it very practical for the beach as you could easily just rinse the sand out of this if it got in.

Close up of Sailpak Perfect Tote Bag
Close up of Sailpak Perfect Tote Bag

There are two additional small pockets inside the back plus a larger third pocket (8″ x 6.5″ – 20cm x 17cm) that is secured with a zip for your valuables.

The bag itself can then be closed with the large zipper. You could easily fit two pool towels, sun tan lotions, sunglasses, kindle, etc in this with room to spare.

The handles are made from a very comfortable and soft rope material. They are also just the right length so the bag can be carried as normal, or slung up onto your shoulder. The bag itself is made from a material that looks like it would put up with a lot of wear and tear.

With its blue and white color and Sailpak’s subtle logo design, this wouldn’t look out of place anywhere. The bag represents great value and it truly is “The Perfect Tote”. 5 stars from us!

SailPak “The Perfect Tote” Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES Definitely!

SailPak Dri-Pak Waterproof Adventure Backpack Review – Perfect For Shore Excursions

Sailpak Dri-Pak Backpack
Sailpak Dri-Pak Backpack

Now we come to what is clearly the premium product in Sailpak’s product line, The Dri-Pak Adventure Backpack.

I have to admit my first impression of this product was a bit “meh”. It arrives folded up flat and doesn’t really inspire confidence as a usable backpack.

But once I folded it out and assembled the straps, I could instantly see that this was a decent size and could be very practical indeed.

Sailpak Dri-Pak shown with 17
Sailpak Dri-Pak shown with 17″ Macbook Pro and 13″ Macbook Air

The bag is made from a rubberized type of material which bizarrely doesn’t feel rubbery – it’s hard to describe. When I saw it at first I thought it might have a rubbery type smell, that similar products have, but it didn’t.

The shoulder straps had plenty of adjustment in them and feel comfortable on the shoulders.  Where the straps are attached to the back, there are double seams which are all vulcanized to maintain waterproof integrity.

The bag measures 14″ wide by 25″ tall (36cm x 64cm) when folded out flat.  Due to its design, you have to allow for about 6 inches (15cm) of non-usable space at the top, to allow the bag to close (more on that later).

However, even with that, I was able to fit my laptop, my DSLR camera and a separate telephoto lens, and my Drone kit inside this bag.  I could even fit my old monster of a laptop – my 17″ Macbook Pro!

A DSLR Camera, Telephone Lens, Macbook Air and Full DJI Drone Kit Fits in the Sailpak Dri-Pak Backpack
A DSLR Camera, Telephone Lens, Macbook Air, and Full DJI Drone Kit Fit in the Sailpak Dri-Pak Backpack

There is a zipped pocket on the outside of the bag which measures 9″ x 8″ (23cm x 29cm), and another inside measuring about 7″ x 5″ (18cm x 13cm). 

It’s important to note, though, that the zipped pocket on the front of the bag is not waterproof – it is splashproof only. So anything that needs to be kept dry, should be kept inside the bag!

The way the bag is closed and sealed to ensure it is waterproof is really very simple and quite clever.

The top opening of the bag is basically two flat edges. You hold these two sides together and then roll it tight until you reach the buckle mechanism that closes over the top of it. Then you can bring the side buckle clips together.

Is the Sailpak Dri-Pak Adventure Backpack Truly Waterproof?

Now this is the acid test for a product like this. Now I have seen videos of this product floating in the Sea and the contents have stayed totally dry, so I felt confident about it anyway. But you like to test these things yourself, right?

Now at my age, it’s safe to say my “adventure” days are over, so I’m not likely to be jumping (or falling) into the water with a backpack on. But, we do take vacations in lots of different climates, so I am more than likely going to get caught in heavy rain on a shore excursion hike.

It’s also not the first time I’ve dropped a backpack into the water when getting onto a boat or tender (Our friend just did that in Venice last week LOL).

So I decided to give it the “monsoon” test and give it ten minutes of very heavy rain. I checked the weather outside and I was going to be waiting some time. So into the shower we went.

To test for any water ingress, I put a full roll of paper kitchen towel inside the bag. ANY water getting into the bag would instantly show up on this.

SailPak Dri-Pak Adventure Backpack – Waterproof Test

This also tested something else. Due to the design of the bag, I assumed it would need to be full, to keep pressure on the folded seal, to keep it tight. With the kitchen roll inside it was clearly nowhere near full.

After a ten-minute soaking, I took the backpack out of the shower and dried off the outside. The kitchen towel survived! Yay! It was totally bone dry. Not a single drop of water had gotten into the bag.

I’d never really thought about a waterproof backpack before, but I’ll definitely be using this on our next cruise.  Absolutely perfect!

SailPak Dri-Pak Waterproof Adventure Verdict: 5/5

  • Is it useful? YES
  • Does it do “what it says on the tin”? YES
  • Is it robust? YES
  • Would I buy it? YES, Definitely!

Comparison with Other Must-Have Cruise Essentials

I’ve used a lot of products similar to Sailpak’s offerings over the years.

If I was just doing one cruise and never cruising again, I probably wouldn’t worry about the quality too much. But we cruise a lot. So it’s been a delight to have a set of products I know will last for many cruises to come.

Sure I could probably find some of these items at a lower cost on Amazon. But would the quality be there? This is a solid premium product.

I was also impressed with some of the little details. Take Sailpak’s lanyard for example. The addition of a simple little feature like a safety-break mechanism, so that the lanyard cannot become a hazard elevates this product way above the hundreds of other lanyard products out there. Would you trust any other lanyard around your kid’s neck?

The innovation of the CruisePal, which easily holds your phone and key card, also shows a company that isn’t simply regurgitating and rebadging other products on the market. They are looking ahead and developing their own products.

As this company grows, I am sure you will see many more products that are unique to them as they develop and enhance their product line.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Sailpak

Of course, it’s all well and good testing and reviewing a product like this when at home. The real test is using in it a real-world situation on a cruise. And don’t worry. We hit the Wonder of the Seas in just over four weeks’ time, so I’ll be sure to update this review once we’ve used these products in anger.

But what do other cruisers think about them?

Well I did some research online and here is a sample of the comments and reviews I read:-

“Hey everyone, just got my sailpak in the mail yesterday and wanted to show all of you. Really good quality items and I highly recommend them”

“After just seeing a bunch of cruisers on our last cruise on the Mardi Gras carrying SailPaks we decided to buy one even though I was a little skeptical at first. I can tell you that it is indeed worth the investment as all of the products included are super high quality and it does come out a lot cheaper if you buy it as one instead of individually.”

“The UPS guy came late last night and delivered my SailPak, I was so eager to inbox and show you guys. I plan on doing a full video review after we cruise but so far I can tell you that this is the quality is on point. I’ve been cruising for 30 years so I have had my fair share of accessories but I’m so glad this company is so dedicated to making quality products.”

“I purchased the SailPak for 4. There are plenty of well made products in the package. Everything in the box is of use on the cruise and really will make traveling so much more efficient. There are things like the metal magnets to hang towels, which is something that will come in handy since there is more than one person in my room. Really excited to have this along”

“For what you get it is an awesome value. We love everything that we ordered and would recommend it to anyone. It was fast and easy and didn’t take long to receive.”

“We have seen this various times and thought of purchasing. We have several of these items from separate purchases, but saw a sale price and went ahead with the purchase. We are glad we did. High quality and we will use all of the items in our upcoming cruises”

“So much bang for your buck. I was blown away”

Overall Rating For the Sailpak Ultimate Cruise Essential Kit

I liked the idea of this cruise essentials kit when I first saw it online. But having got the kit into my hands and tested it, it really is a fantastic set of essential cruise accessories. 

Sure, there are a couple of the items that I wouldn’t have purchased individually (the night light and the laundry bag), but the savings that you make purchasing the kit instead of individual items covers this anyway and more.

At Cruise Nonstop we are more than happy to recommend this for your next cruise vacation and to give this product a full 5 star rating. Sure some of the items could be found on Amazon Prime at a lower cost, but the quality here is fabulous.

This is a set of cruise essentials and accessories you’ll use for years to come. I really can’t see myself being on another cruise without them.

Our Recommendations

  • This Kit is Perfect for First Time Cruisers or Seasoned Cruise looking to upgrade their cruise travel essentials
  • Add a Cruise Approved power strip and you’ll have packed the must-have cruise essentials
  • Don’t order too late – although delivery is fast, make sure you get these in plenty of time for your cruise
  • Combine the Cruisepal Card and Phone holder with the “World’s Best” Lanyard and give the spare lanyards to a friend as a gift
  • Sailpak has even more popular cruise products that you should pack for your cruise including first aid kits, and portable travel fans
Our Top Rated Kit - Best Value
SailPak Ultimate Cruise Essentials Kit with Dri-Pak and Perfect Tote Bag SailPak Ultimate Cruise Essentials Kit with Dri-Pak and Perfect Tote Bag

The Sailpak Ultimate Kit includes 11 different cruise essential products:-

A 100% waterproof backpack; Pool/Beach tote bag; 2 x Pool Towel Chair Bands; 4 x Magnetic Hooks; Magnetic motion-activated nightlight; Pop-up Laundry Basket; Cotton Laundry Bag; 2 x "World's Best" Lanyard with important safety and conveniences features; 2 x CruisePal Cruise Card and Phone Holder; 2 x Waterproof Phone Case; 4 x Cruise Luggage Tag Protectors

  • Best Value - Saves over 33% on individual cost
  • Great Quality
  • Fast delivery
  • A couple of the items are really just "nice to haves"
  • Smartlight is handy but feels cheap
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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