What is The Exclusive Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Cruise Line Ships And Is It Worth It?

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Nestled atop the deck of Breakaway-class ships and Prima-class Norwegian Cruise Line ships, you’ll find a sanctuary reserved for those seeking a quieter, more upscale retreat at sea: the Vibe Beach Club.

Designed exclusively for adults, Vibe Beach Club offers you a tranquil oasis to enjoy the sun and sea breeze without having to worry about finding sun loungers or worrying whether the pool-side DJ is about to start a booming club dance music set.

Access is granted to a limited number of passengers for an additional charge, creating an ambiance of tranquility and exclusivity.

It’s a space where you can lounge on premium-quality sun beds, sipping your favorite cocktail from the dedicated bar, and let the stress of everyday life melt away.

We got a chance to experience the Vibe Beach Club ourselves on our recent Transatlantic crossing on Norwegian Joy

During the ship’s 2024 dry dock refurbishment, the ship’s existing Vibe Beach Club was enhanced and expanded to an additional deck, replacing the previous Laser Tag attraction on deck 20.

What Is the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Cruise Line

A View From the Upper Deck of the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy looking down to the starboard side of the facility
A View From the Upper Deck of the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

The Vibe Beach Club is an exclusive adults-only retreat aboard select Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

The space provides a quieter ambiance, premium amenities, and a touch of luxury, Vibe is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxed adult environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main ship areas.


The Vibe Beach Club features the following amenities:-

  • Sun Loungers and Daybeds: The Vibe Beach Club features high-quality sun loungers, comfortable patio-style seating, and day beds. These are complimentary and available on a first-come, first-served basis. But the space is capacity controlled so you should normally not have any problems finding a space to relax
  • Private Cabanas (Additional Cost): If you want to add a little bit more exclusivity, private cabana-style day beds are available as well. 
  • Hot Tubs and Showers: Hot Tubs and showers are available and the hot tubs are less crowded than you would see in other areas of the ship
  • Sun Deck: Deck space is a bit more spacious and being on the upper decks, you have the best views out to sea

Food and Beverage

  • Dedicated Bar with Enhanced Service Levels: No need to wander far for your favorite drink – a full-service bar is right within reach and even then the bar staff frequently check on you to make sure your favorite cocktail is topped up at all times.
  • Beverage Options: Drinks are included within Norwegian Cruise Line’s standard drinks package, making it convenient to keep hydrated or enjoy a cocktail without extra hassle.
  • Food Service: Light snacks like cookies, sandwiches, and fresh fruit skewers are available. Users of the private cabanas also benefit from a separate food menu which is similar to the Haven Restaurant.

The Newly Expanded Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

The Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy - showing images of sun loungers and chairs as well as the exclusive bar
Both Decks Are Protected By Glass Windbreaks

We were sailing on the Norwegian Joy on the first cruise after her multi-million dollar dry dock refurbishment in February 2024. (Check out our Norwegian Joy Ship Review)

This was a transatlantic cruise going directly from Southampton to Miami on an 11-day voyage with no ports of call.  It’s important to note that due to the location, weather, and the time of year, any demand for the Vibe Beach Club would be minimal on this cruise.

Fortunately, however, the sun started to make an appearance on the last 2 or 3 days of the cruise, and the crew got a chance to set up the area for guests.

I had requested media access to take some pictures and video for our Norwegian Joy review, and as it was quiet, the onboard staff very kindly provided us with a Vibe Day Pass so that we could experience the facility firsthand. 

The existing Vibe Beach Club area is towards the front of the ship on deck 19 and sits between the main pool area and The Haven.  The newly expanded area takes over the entire space on deck 20 which was previously the location for the Laser Tag attraction.

A Video Tour of the Newly Expanded Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

A Video Tour of the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

Our Review of the Newly Expanded Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

One of the Two Bars Available in the Vibe Beach club on Norwegian Joy
One of the Two Bars Available in the Vibe on Norwegian Joy

While the weather was not the best (it was very windy!), we thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Vibe Beach Club.

The lounger and chairs are SO comfortable and much better than the standard ones elsewhere on the ship.

There are two bars, so you should rarely have a wait to be served and even then, the bar staff were frequently checking on us, to ensure we were never without a refreshment.

When our bartender Rodney noticed I was a beer drinker, he suggested that he bring me a bucket of beers with ice.  Then every time he walked by he was checking on the ice level and topping it up. 

When they noticed that Morag looked a little chilly they brought over a couple of blankets as well. It really was first-class service. 

It’s important to note that on a typical cruise, wind should be less of an issue. Both decks are surrounded by tall glass windbreaks which provide great ocean views – but we were in the Atlantic with 50mph winds, so nothing was going to stop that being a bit of an issue and bringing the temperature down.

I liked that they also had regular patio-style seating as well as loungers, and they had sports on the TV at both bars, so I could comfortably sit at the bar if I wanted to catch a sports game as well.

The upper deck of the Norwegian Joy Vibe Beach Club - the area is not fully setup in this picture as the upper deck was not in use
The new Upper Deck Area Was Not Set Up On this Cruise

As our cruise was only 65% full, and the weather was not the best, there was no point for the staff to set up the new upper deck area of the Vibe, so we didn’t get to see what that would look like once properly set up. The lack of a hot tub and separate bar on that deck might be a downer for some people though, so I can see the lower deck being more popular.

Despite the weather, we really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it. 

How Much Is A Vibe Beach Club Pass And How Do You Book It?

Norwegian’s Vibe Beach Club Pass is an additional onboard purchase and can be purchased for a single day or an entire cruise.

Space on the adults-only sun deck is carefully capacity-controlled and only a limited number of passes are made available and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically Vibe Beach Club sells out way in advance when the ship is cruising in warm climates like the Caribbean.

Image of a hot tub in Norwegian Joy Vibe Beach Club areas showing the steps leading up to the tub and the view out to sea
One of the Two Whirlpool Hot Tubs in the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy

Pricing and Options

Here’s what you should expect to pay for access to the Vibe:

  • Day Pass: Expect to pay around $99 per person for full-day access.
  • Weeklong Pass: For a week, or the length of your cruise if it’s shorter than a week, the prices are generally about $209 – $250 per person.

Keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on the duration of your cruise and the time of year and are subject to change at any time.

Weeklong passes offer the best value for extended relaxation, giving you unlimited access during the club’s operating hours for the entirety of your cruise.

Private Cabanas

For an even more exclusive retreat, private cabanas are available within the Vibe Beach Club, but they do come at an additional cost.

Pricing varies, but it is typically anything from $500 to $650 to rent a cabana on top of what you have already paid for the Vibe Beach Club pass.  

Making the Most of Your Vibe Beach Club Visit

The bar area of the Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian Joy showing patio-style seating
There is comfortable patio-style seating by the bar area

When planning to unwind at the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Vibe Beach Club, securing a pass ahead of time is your first planning step as these do sell out quickly.

Booking Tips:

  • Pre-purchase passes: Availability is limited, so grab your passes online as soon as you can before you set sail.
  • Stay flexible: If passes are sold out, consider alternate adult-only areas like Spice H20 or ask about availability or a waiting list – do this as soon as you get onboard.

What to Pack:

  • Sunscreen: I’m sure this goes without saying. It can get windy up on the higher decks where the Vibe Beach Club is located, so don’t get lulled into thinking that you won’t burn!
  • Hat and Sunglasses: Essential for extra shade and comfort. These are umbrellas for shade in the Vibe, but not enough for everyone, so be prepared with a hat if you need it.
  • Swimsuit Cover-up: For when you stroll to the bar or grab a bite. A lot of people bring robes from their room if they have them.

What Norwegian Cruise Line Ships Have Vibe Beach Club Areas?

Here is a list of Norwegian Cruise Line ships where you can find NCL’s Vibe Beach Club:

  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Breakaway
  • Norwegian Encore
  • Norwegian Escape
  • Norwegian Getaway
  • Norwegian Joy
  • Norwegian Prima
  • Norwegian Viva

The upcoming Norwegian Aqua, which is due in April 2025 will also feature a Vibe Beach Club.

Keep in mind that amenities and layouts can vary between ships, so if specific features are important to you, it’s best to check the details for the Vibe Beach Club on your chosen ship before booking your cruise or purchasing a Vibe pass.

Is the NCL Vibe Beach Club Worth It?

A row of empty sun loungers in the Vibe Beach Club
The Sun Loungers are SO comfortable!

All of the major cruise lines have many forms of premium add-ons to entice you with and the costs can soon add up.  So it’s important to look at your budget and figure out if any of these add-ons are worth it for you.

When it comes to a Vibe Beach Club pass, that largely depends on your own preferences for peace and personal space.

But you also need to factor in your cruise ship’s specific itinerary. How many sea days do you have? Or is it a port-intensive cruise that may limit how much time you can spend in the Vibe?

What’s the weather likely to be like?  On our Transatlantic cruise in February, a cruise-long pass would be a crazy purchase as at least the first 5 or 6 days of our cruise were going to be in cold temperatures as we were leaving from Southampton in the UK.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea on an Alaskan cruise either. For that, you might be better with a Thermal Suite pass.

I would definitely do it if I was on a seven-day or longer cruise in a warm climate with at least a couple of sea days.  Being Scottish, I can be a bit more careful with money LOL, so I would draw the line at renting a cabana – for me, I don’t see the value there, but your needs and preferences might vary.

We like the atmosphere and feeling of privacy that you get in there, and you don’t have to hunt to find lounge chairs.  For me, it’s well worth the investment for that alone.

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