Wonder of the Seas Interior Room Review – Is this the best value Cabin and Stateroom we have had on a cruise ship?

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There are so many choices when choosing a stateroom for your cruise. Especially if your cruise ship just happens to be the largest ship in the World. So to help you when planning I would like to share our experience with you of staying in a Wonder of the Seas Interior Room for 7 days on our recent Western Caribbean cruise to CocoCay, Cozumel, Roatan, and Costa Maya.

We sailed in September 2023 and booked our cruise directly with Royal Caribbean.

The ship sailed from Port Canaveral and we paid a total of $1125 (£920 GBP) per person including all port taxes and prepaid gratuities.  The price does not include any flights, transfers or car parking.

This was the perfect cruise for us as we treated it as the start of our vacation trip. We own a vacation home in the Orlando / Disney area and we were coming over for our normal Fall / Autumn trip. We usually stay from mid-September to Early December. 

This time someone had asked if they could rent our vacation home for the week we would normally arrive. So we thought, sure, let’s rent it out and we can take a cruise instead.

So with Port Canaveral being so close to our place, it made sense. And we had never been on the Wonder of the Seas before, so why not, right?

Wonder of the Seas cruise ship docked a Port Canaveral Cruise Port
Our First Close-up view of Wonder of the Seas as we arrived at Port Canaveral

Welcome of Wonder of the Seas – the Largest Cruise Ship In The World

Well, what can we say about the Wonder of the Seas? This is currently the largest cruise ship in the World and can accommodate up to 6988 passengers and 2300 crew.

It has 18 decks and has a gross tonnage of 236,857. It’s 1188 feet long and 211 feet wide.

Then we have 20 restaurants or dining locations and 14 bars. 

Phew! Where do we start, right?

Alan will be doing a more detailed review of the Wonder of the Seas, but this article will focus on a review of our interior cabin/stateroom.

Morag standing behind scale model of Wonder of the Seas cruise ship
You’ll Get Lost on Here – Scale Model of the Wonder of the Seas

Why Choose an Interior Stateroom on Wonder of the Seas?

Typically when booking any cruise, our first choice will usually be an Interior Stateroom. If an Ocean View is available for not too much more, then we will go for that instead.

There are a few reasons we do this. Firstly and most importantly it keeps the cost as low as possible. We cruise a LOT. So, if we were to choose a suite every time we cruised, we would not be able to afford to cruise as often.

We figure that we are generally not in our cabins a lot anyway. If I can get a window with an ocean view then great. But we won’t do it unless the cost makes it more sense to do so.

Now if you have never cruised before and are panicking a little at the thought of not having a window, then I can fully understand. I was exactly the same when I first started cruising. It wasn’t until a travel agent persuaded us to give it a try, that we got over our “hangup” about it.  

I’m a little claustrophobic and I can assure you I don’t feel closed in on these rooms at all – never have on any cruise ship.

Not having a window does mean that you will not wake naturally with daylight, but you soon get used to that as well.  Just keep a clock or watch display handy so that you know what time it is when you wake up.

The other reason we go for an Interior or Ocean view over any other room is that Alan sleepwalks! A lot. A Balcony room would freak him out. We did it once and we literally had to move the sofa in front of the balcony door each night – I kid you not!

Our Cabin – Stateroom Number 7455 on Deck 7 

Diagram of Wonder of the Seas Deck Plan - showing Deck 7 forward. Interior room 7455 is circled
Our Cabin Location – Deck 7 forward

At the time of booking we went for a “GTY” Interior Stateroom or as Royal Caribbean calls it “We Choose The Room”. Again this can save you money, but you do have to think carefully about this.

This means that Royal Caribbean can allocate you a room literally anywhere on the ship. Occasionally you can end up with a free upgrade doing this, but that’s pretty rare. You will be allocated the category you booked, but the actual room you get will be automatically assigned.

Why should you think carefully about this? Well if you are sensitive to seasickness or the motion of the ship, you should really choose a low deck and as close to the middle of the ship as possible. This part of the ship gets the least amount of motion.

Other issues can be the location of rooms next to noisy areas like the ship’s disco, or entertainment areas.

We were allocated room 7455 on deck 7 forward. This room was designed for two occupants so there were no additional Pullman beds that you find in cabins for up to 3 to 4 people.

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Wonder of the Seas Interior Room First Impressions

Our First Impressions were great!

Our honest first impression was “WOW! This is a big room!”.

Now room 7455 is a Category 4V room at 172 square feet. You’ll know that isn’t really a lot of space. But the way Royal had designed the room, it definitely felt much bigger.

We even had a small sofa seating area, which is unusual in many interior staterooms.

Cabin Location and Deck

Regular ships usually have one corridor of cabins on each side. But with this ship being so big, Wonder of the Seas has many interior corridors leading off from the main ones.

This took a little bit of getting used to when trying to find our way back to our cabin.

Overall we were very happy with the location. We were far enough from the elevators for them not to annoy us with noise at night, but close enough to get to them easily.

The deck was also perfect. We were just two decks above the royal promenade, so nice and handy for evening entertainment.

Stateroom Layout – Very Spacious for an Interior Cabin

As mentioned above, the stateroom layout felt very spacious.

As you enter the room, the Shower room is on the left and then the large king-sized bed is facing you. 

At the opposite end of the room was the desk and sofa area.

This did feel a little “back to front”, but when I sneaked a look at cabins with the opposite config, ours looked bigger for some reason.

King Size Bed – So Comfy

Interior cabin of Wonder of the Seas showing King bed in foreground and living area to the rear
Easily the most spacious standard Interior cabin we have had

The Royal King Size bed is probably one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in. I like a firm mattress and this was no exception.

If you prefer a softer mattress you may have a different opinion from me on the comfort level.

This king-bed layout is adjustable and can be split into two beds.  Now on some interior rooms, we actually ask them to do this as you can end up with more floor space. But we didn’t need to here.

Bedside lamp on Wonder of the seas - showing power outlet and USB socket
Small bedside unit at either side of bed has power and USB outlets

On either side of the bed, there was a small side table unit with a couple of shelves of storage. They had a lamp with power and USB sockets which is really handy.

Bedside unit in Wonder of the Seas interior room showing lack of space
The Bedside units are very narrow!

The only negative I had for the room was that these bedside units were too small. You could hardly fit a phone and a bottle of water on here – they are so narrow. 

Interior Room Storage Space

Wonder of the seas interior room closet showing hanging space shelves and drawer storage
Left Wardrobe / closet has shelves, hanging space and drawer storage

There was lots of storage space in the Wonder of the Seas interior room.  We each had a hanging wardrobe on either side of the bed.

The left-hand until was a narrower hanging space with lots of shelves and a drawer unit underneath.

Wonder of the seas interior room right hand closet showing double hanging space
The Right hand unit has a double hanging space

The right-hand unit had a wider double hanging space but with no shelves.

There was also a full set of double drawers in the sofa/living area.

The hangers in the closet were proper hangers. None of these fiddly keyhole slot units that you see in many cruise ships and hotel rooms.

Now you will know I like to bring magnetic hooks with me for additional storage. Well, you can leave them at home on the Wonder of the Seas, as thoughtfully the designers have incorporated little hooks for hanging things into the wall below the massive 50-inch TV unit.

We had overpacked for this holiday as we were heading to our vacation home after the cruise. But it didn’t cause any problems as we had lots of space to unpack and sort everything without having to resort to living out of a suitcase.

Living Area and Desk

At the far end of the room was the living area and desk.

The desk was a decent size and you could easily work from here on a laptop. The chair was very comfortable as well.

To the left of the desk was a storage unit. On one side was the very handy fridge unit (which kept our drinks very cool), and on the other were drawer units.

The sofa was compact and comfortable. 

Wonder of the Seas Stateroom Power Sockets

The sockets that are at the desk area in an interior room on Wonder of the Seas
Lots of sockets near the desk area

Good news – you can leave your cruise power strip adapters and converters at home. Wonder of the Seas has LOTS of outlets.

Onboard our last cruise (Carnival Pride) we literally had only one usable socket in the room!

Wonder of the Seas had lots. We each had a power socket and USB socket in the lamps on either side of our bed.

Then at the desk unit, there was another batch of sockets.

There was also a socket unit above the mirror in the shower room.

Wonder of the Seas Interior Room Shower Room / Bathroom

The shower room in our stateroom was very spacious. However, I did find the wash hand basin / sink a little small. It was rectangular in shape and just felt a little too shallow meaning that the floor got wet a lot when using it.

The shower itself was spacious as well and the best thing of all – it had a proper sliding door, not a plastic curtain! Yay!!!!!  You really can’t enjoy a shower when the plastic curtain decides to cling to your nether regions just as you bend over to retrieve the soap LOL.

Shower gel / Shampoo dispenser in Shower Unit
Shower gel / Shampoo dispenser in Shower Unit

Body wash / shower gel and shampoo were all supplied via a handy dispensing unit in the shower.

Ample towels were supplied and as usual, Royal Caribbean Cruise adopted their “save the waves” policy whereby your towel will only be changed if you leave it on the floor. If you hang it, they will assume you want to re-use it.

Our stateroom attendant didn’t seem to care about this policy, however, and changed our towels every single day. 

Wonder of the Seas TV and Room Entertainment Facilities

Stateroom TV with handy storage hooks on wall below it
Leave your magnetic hooks at home for this cruise – lots of hanging space below the huge TV

With the new Oasis-class ships like Wonder of the Seas, a small TV in your room is a thing of the past.

We now have a massive 50-inch screen to keep us entertained when there is nothing to do on the ship. (Can you detect a hint of sarcasm here – when is there ever nothing to do on Wonder of the Seas LOL).

If you do however find yourself in need of a TV fix, there were about 30 or 40 channels to choose from. You could also use your own smartphone device and stream wirelessly to the unit if you wanted to use a service like Netflix.

The TV could even be controlled directly from the Royal Caribbean App.

The TV also provides access to your onboard ship account, so you can easily keep an eye on your spending. 

Stateroom Attendant and Room Cleanliness

Towel animal on bed of Wonder of the Seas cruise ship
Yes they still make the towel animals!

As is now common on many cruise lines, Royal Caribbean has now adopted a once-a-day room cleaning schedule across the fleet, instead of the twice-a-day schedule we had in the past.

Personally, I have absolutely no problem with this.  I do miss the little chocolate on my pillow each night, but at my stage in life, I can do without the calories.

Our stateroom attendant, Aesha asked us at the start of our cruise if we wanted her to make up the rooms in the late morning or early evening. Her shifts were from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm until 8 pm if I remember correctly.

We chose the morning and she just asked us to leave the “Sleeping off the adventures” magnet on our door each night so that she didn’t wake us inadvertently. 

She also asked if we had any requests and she delivered a fresh bucket of ice to our room every day.

The room was shower room was spotless for the duration of our stay. 

The only fault I had was that Aesha just tidied up too efficiently and threw away some paper maps and information guides I was keeping from each of the cruise ports we visited. That did annoy me a bit!

Wonder of the Seas Interior Room Review – Our Verdict 

Overall I would easily say that this is the best Interior cabin Alan or I have ever had on any cruise ship in over 30 years of cruising. I wouldn’t hesitate to choose one of these inside cabins in the future for any Wonder of the Seas cruise.

Is this the best value cabin we have ever had?

No. As the ship is still very new, prices are still a little high for cruising on Wonder of the Seas compared to other ships in the fleet.

In fact, our best value cabin ever was on Carnival Pride where we paid just $150 cruise fare for a 9 day cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. You can’t beat that can you?

We are booked on Wonder’s sister ship, Oasis of the Seas next April for a transatlantic cruise and are in an interior cabin again. So it will be interesting to see how her much older sibling compares.

Because that cruise is a Transatlantic crossing – we have specifically picked the room we want to ensure any rough seas are not exaggerated because of the wrong choice of stateroom.

So I do hope you found that review useful. If you did please share it with your friends on social media – that would make my day.

Similarly, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

Oh and one last thing! Don’t forget to read our full Wonder of the Seas Review and Morag’s guide to Wonder of the Seas Restaurants!

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