Norse Airlines : Is This The Perfect Option For A One-Way Flight for Transatlantic Cruisers?

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A transatlantic cruise offers the chance to experience the “great adventure” of our forefathers – traversing the vast Atlantic Ocean. And the best thing about Transatlantic cruising is that the prices are usually really good. But what about the journey back?

That’s when things start to go pear-shaped! When you look at prices for the one-way flights back – they can sometimes cost even more than the cruise!

Fortunately, some airlines have started to spot a gap in the market and are offering budget “no frills” one-way pricing on Transatlantic flights, in the same way no-frill airlines like Spirit and Ryanair do in their respective domestic markets.

We found ourselves in that very same situation for our Transatlantic Cruise on Oasis of the Seas sailing from Miami to Barcelona in April 2024.

We had originally planned to be in Florida at that time, so this was the perfect trip home for us, as we had sailed over a couple of months previously on the Norwegian Joy from Southampton to Miami.

However, for reasons I won’t bore you with, we had to fly back to the UK early. So we found ourselves in that very predicament – how do we fly one way to the USA to catch our cruise without it costing a small fortune?

That’s where Norse Atlantic Airways comes in. Norse Airlines presents itself as a no-frills airline with simplicity and affordability at its core, making it an attractive choice for the budget-conscious traveler.

Norse Boeing Dreamliner Parked At The Stand in London Gatwick
Norse Boeing Dreamliner Parked At The Stand in London Gatwick

With its fleet of 787 Dreamliners, Norse promises comfort without the hefty price tag, so you can fly from between the UK and Europe to the US with ease before or after your transatlantic cruise.

Despite a very last minute booking – we managed to book a one-way flight (with full luggage allowance) for just $412 each (£330 GBP).

But what was our experience like on this “no frills” airline? I am sure, like us you have lots of sorry tails to tell about experiences with other no frills airlines in the past – so we were not sure what to expect.

Here’s our Norse Airlines Review:-

Booking and Check-In Experience

Booking with Norse Airways is just like booking any other no frills airline – expect lots of steps and opportunities for them to up sell you.

Online Reservation Process

Norse fly between Miami and London Gatwick, Oslo, Berlin, and Paris. They also have routes between New York and those same countries as well.

Additionally they also offer flights between London and Orlando, LAX and Washington.

You can see their full flight route map here.

Making your flight reservation is relatively straightforward on Norse Atlantic’s website. But you do need to have your wits about you.

During the reservation process, you’re presented with a selection of fares and almost endless list of optional add-ons, allowing you to customize your flight experience to your preferences and budget.

Check-In and Boarding

Your check-in experience may vary, but ours was very smooth.

Be aware that if you don’t pre-pay for your seat selection, they will allocate you random seats at checkin. While they do seat families together, they will try and fill those less-favorable centre seats, so if you arrive early, you will sadly get the poorest seats.

Luckily we were allocated seats on the side – window center. Even luckier, the flight was not full so no one was seated in the aisle seat, so we were able to stretch out a bit more.

One tip, we pre-paid for “Fast Pass” security, which cost just $9 each and this saved quite a bit of time getting through security at Gatwick.

Onboard the Norse Dreamliner

Norse Standard Cabin - Seating is in a 3 x 3 x 3 Configuration
Norse Standard Cabin – Seating is 3 x 3 x 3 Configuration

Norse Atlantic Airways uses ultra-modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft which are claimed to be better for the environment with less CO2 emissions and also quieter engine noise.

Economy Comforts And Entertainment

Our seats were in economy and I was expecting a pretty poor ride, to be honest. Fortunately, I was proved wrong.

There was plenty legroom (I’m quote hefty and 6 foot in height) and the seats themselves were leather and quite comfortable.

Entertainment is in the form of the typical seat-back touch screen that is now common on modern aircraft.

However, remember this is a no-frills airline. If you want to watch that TV system you’ll need to purchase a headset for $6 (£5) LOL.

Seatback Entertainment console on Norse Atlantic Airways
Seatback Entertainment (In Terms Of The Content) Was A Little Dated

The choice of movies and TV shows was quite extensive, but they definitely felt a bit “dated” compared to what I would expect on mainstream airlines.

One thing I did really like was that you could order drinks and snacks directly from the screen and a flight attendant would deliver it very quickly – it was probably the best service I have ever had on a transatlantic flight.

On the downside – don’t expect to be given a pillow or blanket – nope, it’s no frills remember, so you’ll need to pay for them!

The Premium Experience

Norse Atlantic Airways Premium Cabin
Norse Atlantic Airways Premium Cabin

We travelled in economy, so I can’t give you a first-hand review of what the premium cabin was like, but the seats definitely looked roomier with more legroom. I would definitely consider it for a future flight if I wanted a little bit of extra comfort.

What is the No Frills Dining Experience Like?

When flying Norse Airlines, you’ll notice the simplicity extends to their dining options. The focus is on straightforward, no-frills fare that’s designed to satisfy without the frills of more upscale carriers.

Economy Class Meals

Norse offer two meals during the flight. In reality it’s more like one meal and and afternoon snack.

Morag Hutchison from Cruise Nonstop aboard Norse Airlines Flight
Ordering Drinks Via The Seatback System Was Fast and Efficient

Because we booked the flight option with luggage – this included one main meal each. We decided not to purchase the additional snack and just brought some snacks on the flight with us.

Bear in mind that all other drinks and snacks must be paid for during the flight and they are a little on the pricy side.

I can’t remember exactly what the meal options were – I think it was a chicken curry dish and a beef risotto. They were as good as any meal you get on a flight.

Dreamliner “Refreshing Cabin” Technology

One key benefit of flying on Boeing Dreamliner is that you arrive more refreshed than you would typically feel on aircraft. I can honestly say that I did notice a difference.

Higher Humidity Levels

Firstly the cabin has a higher humidity level, so you don’t feel as “dry” – I wear contact lenses and normally on a flight I have to remove them as my eyes get very dry. I didn’t need to on this flight.

Blue Light Technology

The Funky Blue Lighting That “Dims” The Cabin Windows

The windows on the cabin do not have window slides – instead the windows darken automatically to a deep blue shade. This combined with the ambient light is meant to ease any feeling of jetlag.

Cabin Pressure

Apparently the Dreamliner also uses a cabin pressure that is equivalent oxygen levels at a lower altitude – 6000ft instead of 8000ft. This makes it easier to breathe and again is meant to be more refreshing.

Final Thoughts on Norse Atlantic as an option for Transatlantic Cruisers

Alan and Morag Hutchison of Cruise Nonstop pictured onboard Oasis of the Seas
On Board Our Transatlantic Cruise – Oasis of the Seas

So how was our one way trip from London to Miami on Norse Atlantic Airways?

Value for Money

It was definitely good value for money. We actually had to book a one way flight with Aer Lingus prior to this and the price was eye-watering!

Norse prices start from as low as $140 one way – that’s just incredible. There is no doubt this offers tremendous value for money.

Overall Flight Experience

For a no-frills airline, I was very impressed, and I would not hesitate to fly with them again – especially as a way to close the travel loop on a Transatlantic Cruise booking.

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