Crazy Cruise Ship Jokes and Pranks That Could Have Gone Very Wrong

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I’m not sure what it is about cruising, but it always seems to bring out the pranksters, jokers, and would-be comics amongst us. Sometimes you’ll witness some great cruise ship jokes and pranks and other times be totally oblivious to it.

Other times of course you can be the victim of it. Like a friend of ours who was on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of The Seas sailing from the UK and a “gang” of teenagers on board decided that the fun thing to do all cruise was to spot people with glasses of red wine and accidentally bump into them. Hilarious. NOT!

Fortunately, in that case the ship’s security officer got involved, checked CCTV, and the parents of the teenagers were all summoned to a private discussion and warned that any further high jinks could see them being removed from the ship.

If you are going to do a cruise ship prank then it needs to be executed just right. Enough to create some hilarity amongst your friends, but not enough to start annoying your fellow cruise guests.

So we thought we would compile a list of some genuinely funny cruise capers and of course, when you start to go down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and TikTok, we inevitably stumbled across some pranks which were not funny at all!

But before we get to the stupidest pranks, lets start with one that got me giggling right away:-

#1 Crazy Cruise Ship Cocktails

Professional Comedian Greg Benson steps into character as the “funny old guy” when he goes on a cruise. In this video, Greg has some fun with the bartenders as he orders his favorite cocktails.

#2 Dancing Behind People

In video number 2 Greg is at it again. This time he’s cruising slightly closer to the wind. Don’t try this at home folks (or on your next cruise) as you’ll probably get a smack in the mouth LOL.

#3 Captain Kate in a Box

Let’s stick with the professionals and there is no better than Celebrity Cruises very own Captain Kate McCue. Captain Kate is an Internet personality in her own right as well as being the first every American female to captain a “mega” cruise ship.

It turns out she is also a little bit of a practical joker…..


Sometimes the Captain’s got to pull Prank ☑️ #cruiseship #captain #scare #prank

♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

#4 Teenage Elevator Pranks

Here’s everyone’s favorite pranksters – the teenagers in the elevator! Ah, what fun as they press every button for every single floor and then leave the elevator. You’ve gotta love them! Or perhaps not.

This one was a little different though – how would you react when the elevator door opened and you were faced with everyone turned away from you and staring at the wall?

#5 Bubble Bath Hot Tub Mayhem

Now I have to confess to secretly loving this prank. These pranksters turn the cruise ship’s hot tub into the World’s Best Bubble Bath as they secretly release small bags of washing-up liquid in the hot tub.

Make sure you watch to the end as the mayhem soon ensues….clearly the kids all thought this was a great prank as well. It is funny, but that’s definitely the type of prank that will get you thrown off the ship – so do not try this on your next cruise vacation.

#6 Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White Pranks Cruise Guest With Frozen Food

Now this is a VERY complex prank that was pulled off by UK Comedian Michael McIntyre and Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White.

They prank an unsuspecting cruise guest by reheating her own frozen food from her own home and serving it back to her in P & O Cruises specialty Epicurean restaurant.

I’m honestly not a fan of Michael McIntyre, but this is absolutely hilarious!

#7 Oops I Dropped Your Phone

Okay, now that we have seen what a professional outfit like the BBC can do with a cruise ship prank, let’s get back to the more amateur efforts with the classic “Oops, I dropped Your Phone” gag.

#8 Damaged Cruise Ship Mattress (Warning Contains Explicit Language)

Now this is an old but gold one from American Comedian Roy Wood Jr as he pranks a cruise ship guest about things missing from their stateroom and the mess they made of their stateroom mattress.

Be warned this one gets quite explicit very fast, so you may not want to listen to this at work or around the kids, as the air turns blue, very quickly LOL.

#9 Dissolving Swim Suits?

Now it’s one thing ladies to prank your husbands and partners by buying them all matching swimwear, but it’s another thing when they turn out to dissolve when submerged in water.

Sadly we’ll never know how they ever got out of that hot tub!


Best prank ever! Thank goodness the bubbles were flowing. We got the suits off Amazon and the guys thought the joke was they were all matching. I’ve never seen Dan panic like that 🤣 #dissolvingswimtrunks #cruise #prank #hubbies

♬ original sound – Oh.Henrys
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#10 Nucklehead Dangles Off The Side Of The Ship

Now I stumbled across this one by accident and it’s a prime example of the stupidest prank you should ever try to do on a cruise ship. This will get you killed and is a classic example of the type of stupid behavior that makes up the Darwin Awards every year.

#11 Room Steward Leaves A “Body” In The Room

Okay let’s get back to some lighthearted capers with a brilliant stunt by a stateroom attendant, who freaked out thinking there was a body lying in their room. It beats towel animals, right?

#12 More Crazy Cocktails

Let’s finish off with some more of those crazy cocktails from Greg Benson – “Clam Sandwich On The Rocks”, anyone? You know you’re going to ask for one of these cocktails on your next cruise!

What Would BE On your List Of Favorite Cruise Ship Jokes Or Pranks? Let Us Know

I hope you enjoyed that list of our 12 favorite (or not so favorite) cruise ship jokes and pranks.

If there are some pranks that you’ve seen, please let us know and we can add them to the list.

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