Can You Smoke on Carnival Cruise Line: Let’s Explore Their Smoking Policy In Detail

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Alright, let’s talk about keeping those cravings at bay while sailing the high seas with Carnival Cruise Line. If you’re a smoker, one of your first questions is probably “Can you smoke on Carnival Cruise Line Ships?”.

Well the short answer is Yes, but there are important restrictions to be aware of. 

And if you are a Non-Smoker, then it’s important to know what the rules are as well to avoid any potential issues.

On Carnival ships, they’ve struck a balance between the need for a nicotine fix and the comfort of nonsmokers.

You’ll find specific outdoor deck areas where you can enjoy your cigarette, e-cigarette, or personal vaporizer/vape. You’ll also generally be allowed to smoke in the Casino, as long as you are seated and playing. 

But let’s get into the detail so that you know exactly what those restrictions are before you get on board.

Full disclosure – I’m a former smoker. I haven’t smoked in over ten years and I have no intention of starting again. But please note that I have nothing against people who do. 

Can You Smoke On Carnival Cruise Ships? Smoking Policies Onboard Explained

Fortunately, Carnival Cruise Line has a pretty clear stance when it comes to where and when you can light up a cigarette or puff on a cigar or vape. (It’s all detailed in the ticket contract).

Here’s exactly what you need to know about what’s allowed (and where smoking is not allowed).

Overview of Carnival’s Smoking Policy

Morag looking out over the Norwegian Fjords from the deck of the Carnival Pride Cruise ship
Cruising Through the Norwegian Fjords on Carnival Pride

Carnival has designated areas for smoking on each of its ships, ensuring you can enjoy your vice without upsetting fellow passengers who might not share your passion. 

But remember, you can’t smoke just anywhere.

Inside, you’re out of luck—there is absolutely no smoking in cabins or on cabin balconies. The only place you can smoke inside the ship is in the Casino. Even then, you’ll need to be seated and playing one of the machines. 

Additionally, cigar and pipe smoking are only allowed in the designated smoking areas on the deck. So no cigars in the casino, folks!

Carnival also sticks to U.S. federal laws, so if you are so inclined, leave the marijuana at home, folks—it’s totally off-limits regardless of what state laws say.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If you accidentally or, let’s say ‘creatively interpret,’ the smoking policy and get caught, Carnival isn’t going to just wag a finger at you. They might hit your wallet with a $500 cleaning fee if you’ve smoked where you shouldn’t have. If you don’t believe me read Section 8 of Carnival’s Cruise Ticket Contract.

That’s more than a few packs of cigarettes, right? And don’t even think about testing the waters too much, as repeated offenses could result in you and your luggage at the next port’s curb, waving goodbye as the ship sails off into the sunset without you.

Disembarkation for policy violations isn’t just a threat—it’s a reality.

Designated Smoking Areas

Carnival has clearly defined areas where people can smoke on their cruise ships.

Indoor Smoking Areas – Casino Only

The only indoor location where smoking is normally allowed is the casino.

But here’s the kicker – you’ve got to be playing to play the smoking game.

Only active players can light up in the casino, so if you’re looking to smoke, you might as well try your luck with the one-armed bandit or the blackjack table. 

Be aware that smoking is not allowed at the casino bar on any Carnival Cruise ship.

There are two specific exceptions to these rules. These are:-

On these two ships, smoking is prohibited inside, anywhere. That includes personal vaporizers, tobacco pipes cigars etc.  So if that is an important issue, you may want to avoid those two ships.

Exterior Smoking Areas

The forward obversvation deck on Carnival Pride with cruisers looking out to the Norwegian Fjords
Always Carefully Check The Deck Are You Are In Allows Smoking

Carnival has got the outdoor smoking scene figured out with designated areas generally found on the starboard side (that’s the right side if you’re facing the front of the ship).

However as is typical of these rules, they do vary slightly by ship, so I’ve prepared a table for you which details exactly where smoking is allowed outside, by ship.

Ship NameDesignated Smoking Areas
Carnival BreezeDeck 5 (port side, aft), Deck 11 (starboard. aft)
Carnival CelebrationDeck 8 (starboard, Mid), Deck 17 (starboard, aft)
Carnival ConquestDeck 3 (starboard, aft), Deck 10 (starboard, mid and aft)
Carnival DreamDeck 5 (port side, aft), Deck 11 (starboard, aft)
Carnival ElationDeck 11 (starboard side, fwd)
Carnival FreedomDeck 3 (starboard, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, mid)
Carnival GloryDeck 3 (starboard), Deck 10 (starboard)
Carnival HorizonDeck 5 (starboard, fwd) Deck 11 (starboard fwd & aft)
Carnival LegendDeck 3 (starboard side, fwd), Deck 9 (starboard, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, fwd)
Carnival LibertyDeck 3 (starboard), Deck 10 (starboard)
Carnival LuminosaDeck 10 (port side, aft) N.B. No smoking in the Casino on Australian cruises
Carnival MagicDeck 5 (port side, aft), Deck 11 (starboard, fwd & aft)
Carnival MiracleDeck 3 (starboard), Deck 9 (starboard), Deck 10 (starboard, fwd)
Carnival PanoramaDeck 5 (port and starboard, fwd) Deck 11 (starboard side, aft & fwd)
Carnival ParadiseDeck 11 (starboard side, fwd)
Carnival PrideDeck 3 (starboard side), Deck 9 (starboard), Deck 10 (starboard, fwd)
Carnival RadianceDeck 3 (starboard side, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, aft)
Carnival SpiritDeck 3 (starboard, fwd), Deck 9 (starboard, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, fwd)
Carnival SplendorDeck 3 (starboard, mid), Deck 10 (starboard, mid & aft)
Carnival SunriseDeck 3 (starboard, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, aft)
Carnival SunshineDeck 3 (port side, fwd), Deck 10 (starboard, mid)
Carnival ValorDeck 3 (starboard), Deck 10 (starboard)
Carnival VeneziaDeck 5 (starboard, fwd) Deck 11 (starboard, aft)
Carnival VistaDeck 5 (port and starboard, fwd), Deck 11 (starboard, aft)
Mardi GrasDeck 8 (starboard, mid), Deck 17 (starboard, aft)

No Smoking Allowed In Stateroom or Balcony

Morag looking up a funny towel animal with eyes made from black dots
Carnival Have Eyes Everywhere LOL – No smoking in your stateroom or balcony!

There’s a strict no-smoking policy in other areas of the ship, especially in your own stateroom.

Can you smoke on your cruise ship balcony? No, you cannot smoke outdoors on your balconies either. This is mainly for fire safety reasons.

On embarkation and debarkation days, smoking is also a no-go outdoors while the ship’s fueling up.

Electronic cigarettes? You’re in the clear to use them in the same designated smoking areas, but they’re not welcome everywhere else, so be mindful of where you’re vaping.

Comparison With Other Cruise Lines

When considering lighting up on the high seas, it’s like comparing apples and oranges across different cruise lines. Carnival has its rules, but let’s see how that stacks up against others in the cruising world.

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line

Casino Bar on Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Cruise Ship
Like Many Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean allows smoking in the Casino for Players Only and Not at the Bar!

Royal Caribbean: On Royal Caribbean ships, you’re allowed to smoke in specific outdoor zones, usually on one side of the pool deck and in a section of the casino reserved for smokers.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian follows a similar route with designated outdoor smoking areas, usually on the Starboard side. And for you gamblers, certain sections of the casino welcome smokers.

Luxury Cruise Options: Seabourn, Oceania, and Cunard

Seabourn: Seabourn provides a limited number of outdoor smoking locations only.

Oceania Cruises: Oceania only allows smoking in one area on the pool deck and another by the forward starboard corner.

Cunard Line:  Their policy is a little more generous with select indoor and outdoor locations, and they even provide a Cigar lounge on some ships.

Morag posing at start of hiking climb to a glacier in Norway
About To Hike Up To a Norwegian Glacier

If you’re keen on fresh air and smoke-free environments, navigating a Carnival cruise ship is a breeze with designated non-smoking areas and a few insider tips.

Finding Non-Smoking Zones

The majority of the indoor areas on a Carnival cruise ship are non-smoking, so you can enjoy the entertainment, dine, and socialize without the worry of tobacco smoke.

The only place to be wary of is the Casino. Even then, on some ships, there are designated smoke-free casino areas. These tend to be on the ships where the Casino is on two decks.

For a breath of sea air, your chosen stateroom and balcony are strictly smoke-free zones. 

When you’re out soaking up the sun, outdoor areas like sun decks and the pool area typically have designated smoking sections, but these are clearly marked, so you’ll know where to steer clear. 

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Tobacco Smoke

Morag on ships deck at night with a drink in both hands
Quick Tip To Help You Stop Smoking – Have Your Hands Full With Drinks At All Times LOL

Keep in mind that electronic smoking devices, like e-cigarettes or vaping devices, are subject to the same designated smoking area rules as tobacco.

As for the casino, it’s a mixed bag. If you fancy trying your luck with the slot machines, you might encounter some smoke, so plan your visits during off-peak times when it’s less crowded and smoky.

Remember, your comfort is key, so don’t hesitate to ask the crew about smoke-free areas and any other tidbits that can make your smoke-free cruising experience as smooth as sailing on calm seas.

Smoking Restrictions Aren’t Just For Health Reasons – It’s For Your Safety Too

If you are a smoker, you have probably had your fill of these restrictions. But remember it’s not just for public health reasons that cruise lines like Carnival have to put these restrictions in place. It’s also about safety.

A cruise ship fire can be extremely difficult to deal with at sea. All it needs is for one stray discarded cigarette to be blown into the wrong area and you can suddenly have a serious issue.

A Cruise Ship Fire Can Be Very Difficult To Deal With At Sea

So let’s all remember that we are all in this together. If we ever have to man those lifeboats, it’s not women, children, and non-smokers first LOL.

So enjoy that smoke wisely, safely, and courteously, and let the proper fun begin. Have a great cruise!

PS. If you use a Vape or e-cigarette, read our more detailed guide: Can I bring a vape on a Carnival Cruise?

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