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Deciding on the perfect cabin for your vacation on the Carnival Pride can make or break your cruising experience. With so many options, it’s important to choose wisely and know what Carnival Pride Rooms to avoid.

Let’s face it, you’re hoping to embark on a vacation filled with sun-soaked decks and the ocean breeze, but deciding what type of stateroom to choose (and where) is vital to the overall success of your cruise.

From your budget to the size and location of the cabin, as well as the amenities offered, these are all crucial factors to mull over before clicking that book now button.

While the Carnival Pride offers a wide variety of cabins, some may align better with your type of cruise vacation vision than others.

Ultimately, you’ll want a comfortable bed, in a conveniently located stateroom, where you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy the ship’s many activities, entertainment, and ports of call. 

But it’s not only about finding a nice place to rest; views and other added luxuries can elevate your cruise experience from good to remarkable.

Think about what matters most to you: Is it a nice ocean view, the extra space of a suite, or perhaps being close to the heart of the ship’s entertainment?

Don’t rush into booking with the cruise line or travel agent without doing a little research first. Familiarize yourself with the layout and deck plans of the Carnival Pride. Studying this closely will guide you away from potential noise pitfalls, like the thumping bass from a nightclub below or the hustle and bustle near the atrium or theatre. 

Carnival Pride reviews from fellow cruisers can also offer a treasure trove of insights, too. They can highlight the hidden gems or reveal the types and locations of staterooms that could put a dampener on your trip.

Remember, a successful cruise begins with selecting a cabin that’s right for you, ensuring that your time aboard is nothing short of fantastic.

Carnival Pride Docked In Norwegian Fjords
Carnival Pride Docked In Norway

A Quick Introduction to Carnival Pride and Her Quirky Deck Layout

First things first, Carnival Pride is a wonderful ship. We sailed on her in 2023 fresh after her Dry Dock upgrade and we loved it!  But this ship has a very quirky layout, with the main entertainment decks, not where you might usually expect to find them.  

The ship is one of Carnival’s older and smaller ships, originally launching in 2001. She carries 2134 passengers and 930 crew with a gross tonnage of 88,500.

But don’t let her age or size put you off.  At that time of launch, she was regarded as the flagship of Carnival Cruise ships fleet and I know there are many passengers that absolutely adore the ship and her layout. 

Carnival Pride is a Spirit class ship, so the same quirky layout comments apply to her sister Carnival ships the Carnival Spirit, Carnival Legend, Carnival Miracle, and Carnival Luminosa.

How quirky a layout are we talking about here?  Well, I’ve never been on a ship where the two main entertainment decks were down on decks 2 and 3. Usually, they are a few floors higher.  This is one of the reasons why it’s very important to not make general assumptions about the cabin locations on this ship.

Band playing on stage in the Red Frog pub on the Carnival Pride Cruise Ship
The Red Frog Bar on Deck 2 Can Get Very Loud

Things to Be Aware Of When Booking A Cabin on Carnival Pride Cruise Ship

When selecting your cabin on Carnival Pride, you’re in for a treat but keep your eyes peeled for a few things that could disrupt your perfect getaway.

Noise Levels: Some cabins may be near noisy areas. If you’re a light sleeper, stear clear of rooms under or above nightclubs, kitchens, dining rooms, or pool areas where late-night festivities could echo into your dreams.

Cabin Location: Mid-ship cabins often provide smoother sailing; if you’re concerned about seasickness, cabins at the front or back of the ship might make your seas a bit too adventurous.

Reviews & Research: Checking reviews on places like Facebook groups and sites like Cruise Critic (and of course CruiseNonstop.com) is a great place to start your research. Past cruisers often share which rooms to grab and which to dodge.  You can quite often even find pictures of the specific rooms you are considering.

Types of Cabins on Carnival Pride

When you’re planning your cruise with Carnival Pride, picking the right cabin is a key step to ensuring a comfortable journey. Let’s walk through the cabin options so you can figure out which one will be your cozy retreat after a day full of sea adventures.

Interior Cabins

Interior cabins on Carnival Pride are the most budget-friendly, offering a cozy space without a window for generally a reasonable price. Though compact, these cabins are well-designed to maximize space, making them a solid choice if you’re cruising with a tighter purse strings.

But of course, they have no natural light, so if you sleep without any lights on you’ll wake up in a pitch-dark room having no idea what the time is.

Morag and I cruise a LOT, so this is how we do it – we spend less so that we can do more cruises.  Oh and if you are worried about feeling claustrophobic, I suffered from claustrophobia and have no problems with interior rooms.

Ocean View Cabins

For a room with a view, Ocean View cabins come with either a porthole or a large picture window. If you are on a budget, don’t write these off as sometimes you can secure an Oceanview room for only $30-$60 more – always check as there can be good deals around. 

The room will likely be a similar size to an interior room, but you’ll have the luxury of natural light to wake up to.

Balcony Rooms – Watch Out For Obstructed Views

Standard Balcony and Premium Balcony staterooms give you your own outside space to breathe in the ocean air and enjoy private views. With sizes varying from standard to extended balconies which offer more outdoor room, you can pick according to how much outdoor lounging you plan to do. Note that some balcony rooms may have obstructed views, so it’s wise to check the ship’s layout or ask before booking.

Suite and Junior Suite Staterooms

For those seeking luxury, suite cabins are the most spacious and come with a variety of upscale amenities. The suites typically have larger balconies, more living space, and additional perks like whirlpool tubs. If you’re willing to splurge for top comfort, a suite can enhance your cruise experience with that extra touch of pampering.

Pros and Cons of Each Stateroom / Cabin Type

Cabin TypeProsCons
InteriorBudget-friendly / cheaper, dark for sleepingNo natural light, can feel cramped
OceanviewNatural light, scenic viewsSlightly pricier, can still be noisy
BalconyPrivate outdoor space, fresh airMore expensive, not always sheltered, and sometimes views are restricted
SuiteSpacious, luxurious extrasCan stretch your wallet, sells out fast

Carnival Pride Rooms to Avoid When Booking Your Cruise

Booking the right cabin on Carnival Pride can potentially make or break your holiday. When you book a room you’ll want to avoid certain areas that could dampen your cruise experience due to noise issues or other inconveniences.

General Tips – Consider Elevator Noise, Nightclub location and Pool deck footsteps

Location, Location, Location: The positioning of your cabin on the ship is key. You’ll want to look at the deck plans to see what the room location is like. Ensure it’s not beneath or above noisy areas like the Lido deck or above venues that could keep you up at night.

Consider the Elevator: Cabins near elevators are convenient, but they may also have their drawbacks with high-traffic and louder noise. If you prefer a quieter experience, opting for a room slightly further away might be your best bet.

Watch Out For Connecting Rooms: If your room has a connecting door to another, it can be noisier as the door is less well insulated. Don’t worry about security though, as the connecting doors have locks on both sides.

Butterflies Lounge on Carnival Pride which doubles as the Comedy Club venue
The Comedy Club on Deck 1

Specific Cabins or Areas to Try To Avoid on Carnival Pride

1. All Cabins on Deck 1

These are directly below the main entertainment area on deck 2 – the Promenade deck. The deck includes the Red Frog Pub, the Heroes Tribute Bar, the Casino, the Renaissance Lobby Bar, the Alchemy Bar, and the Nightclub! Plus at the Forward end on deck 1 itself, you have the Butterflies Lounge where they host the Comedy Club.

Deck 1 would be my last choice pick for a cabin.

2. Deck 4 – Cabins 4101 through to 4129 

These are directly above the Warehouse Arcade area, and the Ivory Piano Bar.  The Piano Bar can get quite lively late at night.

3. Deck 4 – Cabins 4130 to 4155

These are all oceanview cabins, but your view is restricted by the lifeboats. However some people don’t mind these are they are usually keenly priced.

4. Deck 4 – 4156 to 4207

These are above the Atrium Bar and the Raphael Lounge and could be quite noisy. Particularly with the music in the Atrium which does seem to travel far.

The remaining cabins on Deck 4 are above the Main Dining Room – which is usually quiet by 10pm. but there may be noise generated in the mornings as they prepare for Breakfast.

5. Deck 5 – 5102 to 5131 

These rooms are above the main Taj Mahal Theater.

6. Deck 5 – 5142 to 5191 and 5224 and 5245

These staterooms all have obstructed balcony views due to the lifeboats.  Just double-check the deck plan here as the cabin numbers end up not running consecutively in this section.

7. All Cabins on Deck 8

Deck 8 is directly below the Lido deck. So you’ll be below the fitness center and spa, the main pool decks, and the Mermaids Grill Restaurant – places that get lots of foot traffic all day long. And those deck chairs getting scraped along the floor will soon grate on you.  

How to Choose the Best Cabins on Carnival Pride

So I’ve told you what ones to stay away from, what staterooms should we be actively aiming to reserve onboard.

General Tips

When you’re looking to book your cruise on Carnival Pride, think about what matters most for your comfort and enjoyment.

However, on any ship, mid-ship cabins are typically more in demand as you don’t feel the effects of motion as much, which is ideal if you’re prone to seasickness.

A balcony on Carnival Pride, while slightly pricier, offers private outdoor space and fresh air, which can greatly enhance your experience. But you’ll want one with a great view.

But it’s all about balance.  For example, the Aft view cabins on decks 5 6 and 7 are in great location to avoid noise, but will be prone to more motion. 

A Snoozing do not disturb sign hanging on a door on the Carnival Pride Cruise ship
The Proper Room Location Can Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

Specific Cabins or Areas To Consider For Your Carnival Cruise

Decks 6 and 7 are the best decks on the ship.

You are insulated from noise and if you have a balcony or oceanview room you’ll have no obstructions to worry about. Plus you are only 2-3 decks down from the Lido deck and 3-4 decks up from the Entertainment areas on deck 3.


  • Deck Plan: Always consult the deck plan to choose the best room. Pay attention to what’s above and below the cabin.
  • Reviews: Scan Carnival Pride reviews and ship tours for personal experiences and tips. Past guests can offer invaluable insights like noise levels around popular areas or the quality of views from specific cabins.

What Do Other Cruisers Think Are The Best Cabins on Carnival Pride?

We asked users on Facebook what the best cabins on Carnival Pride were and what rooms to avoid on Carnival Pride. Based on their own experiences, these were some of the comments we received:-

“I like the 4th floor. 4160s area. Nice and quiet even with the bar two floors down”

“Nothing under the buffet or food areas on Lido, it’s not the people, it’s the bump, bump, bump of the dish carts back and forth all night long… did it once, never again!”

“We love the 8th floor. As long as you’re not right under the pool or eating area. On our last cruise, we were below the Serenity area bathrooms. I was a bit nervous but it was quiet and right by the stairs/ elevators. One flight up for all of the action”

“We like deck 7 aft. Quiet but close enough to the Lido.”

“Avoid cabins under the Lido deck, which is deck 9, I heard chairs moving at all hours. If you are midship, that’s what you may experience, if you do choose deck 8, just try for aft or forward to keep away from overhead chairs and traffic areas.”

“I love the obstructed view cabins on deck 4. Price of an interior with the space of a balcony and you get some natural light. I prefer toward the aft elevators.”

Don’t Worry – Not Finding The Best Cabins Won’t Ruin Your Cruise

We’ve discussed the cabins to avoid and the cabin and deck areas to aim for.

Ideal Cabin Locations:

  • Away from nightclubs and theatres
  • Distant from the atrium
  • Not directly under high-traffic decks

Cabins to Think Twice About:

  • Through deck diagrams, identify cabins near loud venues
  • Consider potential foot traffic and proximity to elevators or stairs

Most importantly, if you can’t find the perfect cabin, don’t sweat it too much. You might find it’s not as bad as you thought it might be. A good set of ear plugs can block out most noises and save the day if you have a noise issue.

For example. when we cruised on Carnival Pride we booked very late in the process and ended up with an interior cabin on deck 8 – Room 8106 to be exact.

It was as forward as you can be on the ship and it was directly below the fitness center.  I was therefore a bit worried about what to expect.

Having said that our total cost for this 12-day cruise was just $410 for the both of us and that included a $200 onboard credit! So I could hardly complain, this was the best bargain I have ever had on a cruise.

Fortunately, although we sailed on the North Sea, which can be extremely wild, we had calm seas throughout. Also, for some reason, the Fitness Center was not busy on this cruise and we rarely had any noise in our cabins.

So, as you can see, it’s not all bad.

Here’s a Walkthrough of Carnival Pride

Now you know the Carnival Pride rooms to avoid and the key areas on the ship to steer clear of.

Take a look at our Carnival Pride Tour and you’ll quickly see what I mean about the ship’s quirky layout and those locations – but trust me – you will love this ship!

Enjoy! And remember to come back and tell us your own experience and the cabins you like and dislike in the comments!

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