Carnival Fun Times: A Guide to Carnival’s Daily Cruise Planning Newsletter With Actual Print Examples

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If you have never cruised with Carnival Cruise Line, you may wonder how they let you know about all the activities and entertainment on board the cruise ship. Well, they do so with the daily Carnival Fun Times Newsletter.

What is the Carnival Fun Times?

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The Carnival Fun Times is Delivered Daily To Every Stateroom

Carnival Fun Times is the daily printed newsletter that is delivered to all staterooms on a Carnival cruise. It is your onboard go-to source for all the exciting activities, entertainment, and events that are available that day. 

Published throughout your cruise, Carnival Fun Times keeps you informed about the day’s schedule and the latest news, ensuring you never miss out on any of the fun. The newsletter includes details about live shows, deck parties, dining options, shore excursions, and more.

The Fun Times Newsletter Was Brought Back By Carnival Cruise Line Due To Popular Demand in 2023

Although the Carnival Fun Times is extremely popular among guests, Carnival Cruise Line almost got rid of the product. For what seemed like very sensible environmental and economic reasons, they stopped printing it daily in 2021 and instead directed guests to the Carnival Hub App, which does include all the same information in digital form. 

However, there was a huge backlash from guests who clearly missed not having the printed product. So in February 2023, John Heald (Carnival’s Brand Ambassador) announced on his Facebook page that the Company does listen to its clients and the Fun Times was to return in printed form and was here to stay.

As a Cruiser, How Can I Make the Most of Carnival Fun Times?

Keep track of activites with the Carnival Fun Times

The best way to make good use of the Carnival Fun Times experience is to make sure to read it thoroughly every day. As it is delivered to your cabin the day before, I always tend to have a good look through it as a bit of light reading in bed. My wife and I will then plan our activities in advance, taking note of any new shows, activities, and events that catch our interest.

I always keep it in my pocket during the cruise so at a quick glance I can find out everything that is going on day or night. I could of course also use the Carnival Hub App, but I tend to prefer the printed copy. Call me old-fashioned!

What Does the Carnival Fun Times Cover Each Day?

The Carnival Fun Times is presented as a tall double-sided Tri-fold Paper newsletter.

The cover usually shows the current date, the current port (or day at Sea), Sunrise and Sunset times, and the recommended clothing for the evening. For example. Cruise Casual or Cruise Elegant.

Also featured on the Cover Page is the “Top Entertainment” of the day. Think of it as the daily highlights and key things you need to know about.

“All in a Day’s Play”

The inside pages 2,3 and 4 provide all the opening times and performance times for key activities on the ship:

  • Food: with highlights of key restaurants
  • Drinks: including the daily cocktail specials
  • Shore Excursions: Desk opening times and popular excursions that day
  • Spa: Opening times for the spa and fitness center, plus any daily specials
  • Music: Which artists are performing where and when
  • Movies: What’s showing at the Carnival Seaside Theater
  • Casino: Opening Times plus any Casino Events
  • Shopping: Opening Times of each store plus daily specials
  • Kid & Teens: Key highlights

Pages 5 and 6 will then present some Fun Facts and important details of any Port Scheduled for that day, including Port Emergency Contacts. This is another good reason to keep a copy in your pocket, as the Carnival Hub App will not work away from the ship.

Page 5 and 6 of the Fun Times Newsletter then continues with a full schedule of “Whats Happening”, showing, the time, event name, and location for all the daily activities and events.

Finally on Page 6, the “Food Venue Opening Hours” are shown.

At the foot of page 6, you will usually find an “Important” footnote to consider that day.

Carnival Fun Times – Carnival Pride June 2023

Here is a full schedule of the Carnival Fun Times from our Cruise on Carnival Pride June 2023. I’ve included a thumbnail of each scan. If you click on the image, you will then be able to read the full document in high resolution.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of some of the activities and entertainment that is typical on Carnival Cruise Line. The schedules are set by the different Carnival Cruise Directors, so they will vary a lot from ship to ship. However, it is fair to say that the range of activities and events on this cruise are typical of almost every single cruise I have ever been on.

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Carnival Pride Fun Times – Full Schedule

Click the Thumbnail to view the full Carnival Fun Times newsletter for each day.

Can We Have a Copy of Your Carnival Fun Times Please?

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